This Week in Workouts! + Anyone Tried Bone Broth & Essential Oils?

Life, Running / Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Hi Friends,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine has been…a little bit of a circus. But a good circus. One that makes you laugh and gasp in amazement and fall asleep that night with a smile on your face.

I mentioned in my previous post that I decided to do Jamie Eason’s 12-week Lifefit strength training routine to regain some of the muscle I lost while resting-out my stress fracture. When I first got the okay to run and lift a few weeks back, I was shocked at how weak I felt. So I’m excited to gain some more strength; I know that building muscle will help my running in the long run, and I probably wouldn’t have had time to do this if it hadn’t been for my injury; If I hadn’t developed a stress fracture, I’d be running 18 miles this weekend and definitely NOT hitting the weight room. There’s always a silver lining, guys.

Another silver lining of my injury is that I’m really making a conscious effort to listen to my body and alleviate stress from my life. I was raised in a medical family, and I often jump for a medical fix before I consider homeopathic remedies. But I have met so many people recently who have positive stories about all-natural, approaches to different ailments that I decided to give it a try. I’ve been using an essential oil diffuser with lavender oil since June in an effort to improve my sleep and also bring down my stress-hormone levels. I also recently started drinking bone broth daily because my knees have been a bit achy. Has anyone else tried these or other homeopathic practices? Suggestions?

Anyhow, here’s how my first week of strength training in addition to my sort of typical cardio routines went!

Monday: On Monday I hit my favorite morning spin class before completing Day 1 of the Livefit Trainer, which focused on the chest and triceps. This was probably the easiest day of the trainer for me so far, since my chest and triceps were still in pretty good shape from all that swimming I’d been doing all summer! I also pushed myself to stretch before bed each night this week, so I did that before getting my beloved 8 hours of zzzz’s.

the livefit app…it walks you through all the exercises!!


Tuesday: I did Day 2 of the Livefit Trainer, which focused on the back and biceps. I found the biceps work to be really tough, especially the standing biceps cable curls! I’m glad I’ve got 11 more weeks of this program to add some strength. I then headed to the part to do a little bit of jogging. I took a good jog the previous Sunday, and I think I was a little overzealous to hit the asphault just two days later, because after two 10-minute intervals, I felt a little pain in my shin, so I slowed it down. Since I am following a pain-mediated method of recovery, any pain means 5-7 days off from running:( I stretched out really well after my run and again before bed, as well.

I swear I am working on this “running selfie” thing, guys!


Wednesday: I hit another spin class and kept the resistance lower than normal since I experienced some shin pain on Tuesday. Then I completed the leg workout for Livefit and it FELT SO AMAZING. I love leg day, guys. More band stretching that evening also made it so I wasn’t too sore the next morning!

the pureflows ween’t my fave for running, but I am LOVING them for lifting!!


Thursday: This was an easier day for the Livefit trainer, which meant doing some delt and ab work. That afternoon, I met up with a friend for a short hike at a nearby state park. I had to show off my old cheerleading pose/fave yoga pose at the summit, of course:) 


Friday: I started my day swimming for 45 minutes! My warmup was 2 laps with the kickboard, then 2 laps of backstroke, then two laps of breaststroke. After that I swam freestyle until the last 5 minutes. I then reversed my warmup to cool down a bit; Breaststroke, backstroke, kickboard. I stretched out later on using my newly rediscovered theraband, then laid around for legit hours all afternoon. PRODUCTIVE .


Saturday: Spin class in the morning, followed by a good stretch sesh! Then off to family and friend parties all day! Ate a lot of burgers, snuggled a lot of babies:) I also got to jump around on this inflatable that my friend deemed necessary for his 27th birthday:)


Sunday: This might actually be a real rest day for me, guys:) I’m planning to take a nice walk, maybe get some iced green tea, and hunker down before the finale of Game of Thrones!

Now you tell me….

  • Has anyone else tried homeopathic remedies like drinking bone broth and diffusing essential oils? How’d it work for you.
  • Runners who take good running selfies…please tell me how you do it. I just ordered a bendy tripod so I think that will help, but i have NO CLUE!! 


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