Teacher Tuesday: WE MADE IT!

Hi Friends,

Today’s post will be a short and somewhat personal one.

Words cannot describe how grateful I- and all of my teacher people- are to have arrived at our first extended block of time off since August.

See, teaching isn’t like a normal job. We don’t get to take time off when we want. We don’t get to leave our work at home. It’s painful for us to take a break; so weekends end up filled with paperwork and professional development, evenings filled with tutoring gigs and lesson prep. There’s a tremendous amount of guilt that comes along with wanting-or needing- any “me” time.

My first year teaching in New York City, I was planning two lessons a day, writing IEP’s almost weekly, and taking graduate classes every night. I was swamped. I set little goals for myself just to get by; my first big milestone was heading home to Boston for Thanksgiving. I still remember hopping on a train headed north that Wednesday and feeling like I was able to exhale for the first time in months.

I expected that feeling of relief to fade over time, but it really hasn’t. I still see Thanksgiving as an accomplishment; it’s a time when I can hang out with my family, get some rest, and enjoy some down time without any guilt. It’s also, of course, a time to recognize all the amazing things in our lives and show gratitude for them.

So, teacher friends…WE MADE IT. Now let’s rejoice and give thanks:)

Happy Thanksgiving, Folks!