Boston Marathon Training Monday #20: This Week Was Trash

Life, Running / Monday, March 5th, 2018
the sky over Boston Public Gardens BEFORE hill repeats…

Hi Friends:)

This week was trash. Smelly trash.

First off, it was a full moon. Which in my life means two things.

  1. I get weird, scary dreams all week that wake me up and lead to me being a little sleep deprived and a little flustered all week.
  2. My students get crazy and I feel continuously disappointed in them.

full moon over boston commons AFTER hill repeats!

After last weekend’s 18-miler, I was pretty sore, especially in my hip adductors. My recovery run on Monday felt terrible, and my hill repeats on Wednesday didn’t feel much better. When I woke up on Thursday with stiff, sore hip adductors for a fifth day in a row, I got kind of worried. So I booked a visit with a PT and a sports massage, and decided to take two full days off from working out.

As such, here’s how this trash week turned out.

  • Monday: 3 mile easy run
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes swimming
  • Wednesday: 5.13 mile hill repeats @10 min/mile average pace (1 mile warm-up, 3.5 miles hill repeats, .63 mile cool-down)
  • Thursday: Rest + PT consultation
  • Friday: Rest+ 60 Minute Sports Massage
  • Saturday: 60 Minute Spin Class
  • Sunday: 9.04 mile run @ 10 min/mile average pace
    • Total Weekly Mileage: 17.17 miles

Having been so, so injured in the past, I made a promise to myself not to push through pain this training cycle like I did previously. So when my soreness lingered and persisted throughout the week last week, even after epsom salt baths, foam rolling, self-massage, recovery miles and cross training, I knew the potential for an injury was there.

a very grey 9-miler after 3 days away from running.

But there was more to my little break than that.

I love reading blogs, and I love writing this blog (even thought I should totally update it more often…) But I feel like so, so many fitness-focused blogs make fitness look super fun and easy. But, like, it’s not. Not always, at least, and I decided not to glaze over the fact that this week sucked and I did not want to get out there and push myself. Because even now, after thousands of miles of running and spinning and swimming and so many reps on the weight machines I have trouble finding motivation 100% of the time. So it wasn’t just that I felt the need to rest my muscles on Thursday and Friday; I also felt like I needed to rest my soul. 

And that’s okay.

Everyone needs a break from ordinary sometimes. A little extra sleep and a little extra time. So I took my time.

When I woke up on Sunday, I wasn’t 100% sure if I was ready to get back out there. It took me a little while to choose the right jacket and put on my KT tape and drink my massive water jar.

how I hydrate these days…

But then I did it! It was super grey and gloomy (see above) and I took it pretty slow, but I logged 9 miles and was so, so refreshed afterwards.

This coming week I have a 20 miler on Saturday, so I’m glad to be feeling refreshed and ready for a challenge. I have a feeling that this week is going to be totally great, and I am so excited about it:)

Now You Tell Me…

  • How do you know when you need a break?
  • Does anyone else believe that the full moon impacts them? I swear I feel it in my bones…
  • How do you stay hydrated throughout the day? My massive mason jar is great, but I’m always looking for tips. 

2 Replies to “Boston Marathon Training Monday #20: This Week Was Trash”

  1. Did you try an ice bath for your soreness? Maybe that could help next time the soreness lingers.

    I know I need a break when I’m incredibly stressed. Sometimes working out while stressed is nice but if I’m at the point where the thought of working out makes me want to cry then I don’t. And that’s okay! Life gets in the way sometimes and that’s okay.

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