Book Review: HEY LADIES! by Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss


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Anyhow, I have another super fun book to review for you all!

I’m going to preface this review by saying that I love my girl squad. I really, really do. But any female in her 20s/30s knows that coordinating a group of women to do something social can be incredibly touchy. Especially when you’re coordinating over email. Especially when there’s a wedding involved. Especially when everyone’s just trying to figure their life out.

So that’s where the book HEY LADIES! starts. The main characters are eight young, intelligent female friends living in the New York City area. Now, having lived that life myself for a couple of years there, I could totally relate to their lifestyle. Having left Brooklyn almost 4 years ago, though, I could also laugh at it.

The eight lead females are perfectly exaggerated versions of the women who can be found in any friend group. There’s Ali, a PR exec and vicious type-a personality who believes that hers and her friend’s lives should be lived according to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. There’s Jen, who just got engaged and is just so #blessed. And Morgan, Jen’s reserved, Brooklyn dwelling childhood friend who just wants her bestie to come to her fave yoga class at the local pressed juice place and maybe hit Barcade on the weekend. Gracie never really reads the (endless stream of) planning emails her squad sends out before ever dinner out and girls weekend. Nicole is desperately trying to be an entrepreneur, but actually needs you to spot her $50 for the cab fare to your own b-day dinner. Caitlin has a successful wellness blog and is constantly marketing her #caitlinyourlife campaign. Katie swears she is TOTALLY focused on her journalism career while actually putting her whole heart and soul into a toxic relationship. And Ashley is stuck teaching at a boarding school upstate with no cell service.

Jen’s engagement becomes the inspiration for an endless series of emails to plan out the super tense bridal shower, a group summer house share in Montauk that nobody can actually afford, a weekend trip to Portugal that goes wildly wrong, and numerous other “bachelorette” evenings that take president (according to Ali) over all of the other friend’s life events, birthdays, and holidays. Ali is kind of the originator of these insane emails, but very few of the other girls fight back. Which is somewhat frustrating to read, but also so real. So while many of the emails had me giggling uncontrollably as I read, I found myself reflecting on my own friendships and how hard it can be to have your voice be heard and appreciated in a large group of friends.

By halfway through the book, which is told entirely though emails and text messages between the friends, the friendships started to unravel a bit. Feelings started getting hurt more and more deeply as bank accounts got totally drained to celebrate Jen’s nuptials. Priorities became more and more skewed as the wedding date drew closer, and the insanity of it all often just hit a little too close to home.

This was a quick read, and a fun one. I loved the super exaggerated, but ultimately realistic characters and relatable problems. I like the epistolary novel format, and enjoyed being able to visualize what was going on between the emails.

I would say DON’T pick up this book if you’re a type-a, goop-guide loving, super planner. Or if you’re one of those people who posts a picture with their SO on insta every single day with a long, sappy message of how “AMAZING MY MAN IS<3”. If you’re those sorts of people, you might feel attacked by Ali and Jen’s fictional existence.

But other than that, this is a fun beach read and you should totally give it a whirl!


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