Portland Half Marathon Training Monday #8: Finding Peace in the Setbacks

Hi Friends,

So, last week was a glorious, successful week of running for me.

This week was not like that. Not even a little bit. Here’s how my training log ended up for the week…

  • Monday: PT+ 5 miles (1 mile w/u, 3 miles alternating push pace for 400m then jogging for 400m, 1 mile c/d)
  • Tuesday: 2 miles of speed intervals + strength training @ Barry’s Boot Camp
  • Wednesday: 5 miles @ 9:50 pace
  • Thursday: Sick:(
  • Friday: 4 easy miles + 1 mile walking
  • Saturday:  4.5 easy miles + 30 minutes on a spin bike
  • Sunday: Walking w/ my dad:)
    • Total Weekly Milage: 20.5 miles

My goal was to run 33 miles this week, but whatever hit me on Thursday hit me HARD.

I left work a little bit early on Thursday because I’d developed a headache and lightheadedness. I fell asleep around 2pm with the intent of waking up and heading over to my fave loop at Castle Island to run 8 miles. But after 30 minutes of sleep, I felt even worse. I slept on an off until 6am the next morning, and realized after pushing through my work day on Friday that the 14 miler I’d mapped out for myself just wasn’t in the cards this week.

So I replaced it with a leisurely, easy 4-mile jog around a few of my favorite spots, and allowed myself to find peace in the setback.

the only picture I took while running this week…

In the past I would have pushed through a week like this and probably ended up even sicker or injured. But nowadays, I know to cut back and listen to my body. I mean, the signals your body sends you aren’t that hard to figure out. Feeling like you desperately need some sleep is typically a sign that you desperately need some sleep. Feeling like your muscles aren’t recovered from your last workout is typically a sign that your muscles aren’t recovered from your last workout. It’s not rocket science, but it can be so hard to balance your plans with your reality. 

By Saturday the headache and lightheadedness had mostly dissipated, and by Sunday I was feeling almost like myself again. And even though I didn’t get a chance to run all 33 training miles that I’d mapped out,  I still ran 20.5 miles, got two speed workouts in, a strength workout, and TONS of quality rest.

I’m super excited to go into next week’s half marathon (my 12th!) as strong and ready as I can be:) I’m also excited to be headed into MY LAST WEEK OF WORK!!

GUYS I HAVE BEEN TEACHING FOR 7 FULL YEARS NOW WHAAAAAAT?!?! (this is also shortly followed by the phrase, YES, I was a 22yo BABY when I started teaching.)

Thanks for reading!

Now You Tell Me…

  • Let me know how your workouts have gone this week in the comments!
  • And if anyone else is coming up on some vacation time…. tell me about your plans! 

1 thought on “Portland Half Marathon Training Monday #8: Finding Peace in the Setbacks

  1. Getting sick sucks! At least it was last week though and not closer to the half.

    Last week was actually really good for workouts but this week could be tough. It’s going to be over 90 today on my run…

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