Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training #2: SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!

Hi Friends:)

This week, I finished up my 7th year teaching. It wasn’t my best year, but it also wasn’t my worst. I finished my final day on Monday by making a list of goals for next year; I thought about all the things that made me not-so-thrilled throughout my teaching year, brainstormed solutions, and created individualized goals based off this. I then taped these goals to my desk and HEADED OUT THE DOOR. Because if there’s one thing I need before I can make these goals a reality… it’s a summer of rest, relaxation, and a little bit of adventure:)

Running-wise, I was partially in recovery, partially marathon training this week. I had to really balance my desire to get out there and train with my desire to make sure my bones and muscles got some rest before I started pounding on them again. I did all my running at recovery/easy paces this week, and I’m not planning on introducing any speed at all until next week. Here’s how the week fell into place. (Just for reference, I ran my race last Saturday and took a full rest day on Sunday)

  • Monday: PT+ 35 minutes of swimming
  • Tuesday: 3.01 miles
  • Wednesday: 4.31 miles
  • Thursday: 5.27 miles (in New Hampshire!)
  • Friday: 5.57 miles (still in New Hampshire: I’ll be here for the next week!)
  • Saturday: Rest/short hike/swimming and chasing kids around the lake house
  • Sunday: 14 miles (SUPER easy pace, SUPER hilly terrain in NH)

Once school let out, I had one day of chilling at home in Boston before I picked up my 12 year old cousin (hereafter known as THE KID) and headed north to my parent’s lake house in New Hampshire. My cousin and I have always been close; I was in high school when she was born and I still remember holding her for the first time as being the happiest and most moving moment of my life. I’ve been bringing her up to New Hampshire with me for a week or two every summer since she was 5, and it’s just the best.

Me and the kid the summer when she was 5!

We made the 2-hour trek from Boston to the Lakes Region mid-day on Wednesday to avoid the insane holiday weekend traffic. We chose our fave summer songs ( “no tears left to cry” by Ariana Grande, and “Feel Good” by Gryffin & Illenium) and stopped at Panera for lunch (again: If you’re not eating the Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad at least on a weekly basis while it’s in season, I don’t know what you’re doing.)

Literally as soon as we reached the house and got unpacked, it started pouring. The rain persisted through Thursday; I managed to run 5.27 miles in the pouring rain before the Kid even woke up, Then we headed to FUNSPOT, the biggest arcade in the world, to kill some time. 

We also went to MY FAVORITE Build your own sundae place and went to see Incredibles 2!

On Friday I woke up early to beat the head and log 5.57 miles. I ran along country roads, past all kinds of farms and woods.

I spotted some pretty gnarly birds, and really enjoyed running along the dirt shoulder; it was so nice to give my knees a break from running on concrete!!

I felt tempted to run faster on this run. Until Wednesday-ish I was still feeling a little sore in my quads from the race last Saturday. But that had cleared up by Friday, so I had the urge to PUSH! However…now is not the time. Like I said, this is a recovery week. So I kept my speed to a recovery pace (about 11 min/mile) and enjoyed the scenery:)

Then I spent the rest of the day reading Meg Cabot’s “The Boy is Back,” which is so delightful and everyone should spend a day on a beach somewhere reading this book, I feel.

This has been SUCH a fun first week of vacation. I’m really loving all the reading and running I’ve been able to do. I’ll be back on Wednesday with a summer playlist:)

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