Summertime Friday Faves!!

Hi Friends!

I have had such a great week. For the last few years, my first few weeks of summer vacation have been overshadowed by planning and preparing for my camp job. ICYMI, I spent the last 4 summers on the leadership staff for a camp for youths with social cognitive disabilities. So mid-May through early-July was prime planning and prep season. I loved it, but it was work, and it was incredibly stressful. Which brings me to my first favorite of this Friday…

  1. Full-On Vacation Mode: I have literally not had this much time off since I was 13 years old. I’ve never spent so many mornings not waking up to the sound of an alarm. I haven’t been able to just eat when I am hungry- as opposed to eating when my schedule allows- in so, so long. It feels insane to look at my schedule for the day, and realize the only thing structuring it is like, when it’ll be cool enough to run and when my family is planning to go out for iced cream. I’d forgotten what it was like to not be stressed out. And let me tell you, it’s NICE.
  2. WATERMELON: I’m up at my family’s lake house, and on my way here I picked up a watermelon. We hadn’t had watermelon in legit years, so we were all super pumped to have some in the house. The 6 of us went through that enormous watermelon in like, 2 days. So delicious, and so helpful since it’s been 95 degrees every day and hydration has been a challenge.
  3. Ice Cream: Anyone who knows me knows that ice cream is my first love. I’ve been hitting as many of my favorite homemade ice cream shops as possible while I’m in New Hampshire and it’s been so fun.
  4. Small Town Life: I’ve been coming to this same small town in New Hampshire since I was 4. I went to day camp here, worked at the community center as a teen, and I still try to get involved where I can. This week we’ve hit up all kinds of local businesses and even went in town to the 4th of July parade! In Boston, there’s always SO much going on that I have trouble choosing what to do, plus the city is pretty pricy. But up here I love taking advantage of all the fun local attractions.

STRANGER THINGS (again): I’ve been watching Stranger Things with my 12 year old cousin (her mom just gave her permission to watch it) and it has been so fun to watch with her. There were some cheers when Jonathan and Nancy finally figured their feelings out and some tears when Bob got snatched by the Demo-Dogs. I’m already impatient for season 3 to come out!

Happy Friday!


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