Marathon Training Monday #3: Tuesday In Paradise Edition

Hi Friends!

Sorry I am a day late updating you all on my training. I flew to Antigua (!) for this year’s #Dad/DaughterTrip (If you’ve been reading a while, last year we went to Sardinia, Italy!) And the day-long trip took a lot out of me.

I also only just left my family’s cottage in New Hampshire, where I spent nearly two weeks relaxing and beaching. The east coast was hit by a heat wave during the majority of my time up there, and I was thankful for the little bits of coolness I could find as I jogged along lakes and rivers and through the hills.

So, running went PRETTY well last week. I made a judgement call after a nauseous start to my long run to cut it down from 16 to 12 miles. Sometimes, my body cooperates and I can log big miles and feel awesome. But last weekend just wasn’t one of those times. The nausea plus the fact that I am WAYYYYYY ahead of where I need to be for a late October marathon made me feel confident in my choice to take a teeny step back.

Here’s how last week went:

  • Monday: REST!
  • Tuesday: 6.01  miles
  • Wednesday: 6.02 miles
  • Thursday: 3.02 Miles (yassos @ the local NH Track)
  • Friday: 3.01 miles
  • Saturday: 12 miles
  • Sunday: Rest!
    • Total Weekly Milage: 30.06 miles

I’ve got to get ready for dinner here in Antigua, so here are a few pictures from last week running and living it up in New Hampshire!!

I love a good 4th of July Parade after a 6 miler:)

Lovely lakeside views during a morning run…

They never get old, do they?!

I fueled my runs with lots of family silliness…

and LOTS of ice cream!!

But for real I had ice cream almost every day…AND I LOVED IT.

I even took my first ever running selfie that I didn’t totally hate!!

I hope you’re all doing AMAZINGLY!! Anyone else on vacation mode right now?!?


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