Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #4: When You Try Your Best But You Don’t Succeed…

Hi Friends!

I am FINALLY back from Antigua!

I loved my first trip to the Caribbean, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to tag along on such a cool trip yet again this year. My dad’s team at work has earned a reward vacation for the last two years, and it’s been so cool that I’ve been able to get some good Dad/Daughter time in some really cool locations.

That said… the Caribbean in July is not exactly the best place to log lots of miles. With daily low temperatures of 81 and highs of 95+, along with truly intense humidity and no safe roads with sidewalks, I realized a while back that this vacation might not be conducive to outdoor runs.  So I’d made a plan to do my running in the air conditioned gym each morning, like I did last year when I was in Sardinia. I’d also told myself I’d blog regularly like I did in Sardinia last year…but that sure didn’t happen.

I headed over to the gym, which was on the top floor of the spa building, just before 9am on my first day in Antigua, only to find that the AC was out of order. It was already over 80 degrees in that gym, and by 5 miles into my run I was feeling dizzy and nauseous. I sipped cold water and slowed my pace while also adjusting my expectations.

Little did I know that the AC-less health center was the first in several running setbacks that I’d have to keep calm about throughout the week.

Here’s how the week panned out.

  • Monday: Flew to Antigua; no time for a workout!
  • Tuesday: 7 miles
  • Wednesday: 3.5 miles + Leg Lift
  • Thursday: 6 miles + Paddleboarding
  • Friday: Swimming and Kayaking
  • Saturday: Trapped in Antigua! 1 mile run+ 30 minutes elliptical+ Upper Body Lift
  • Sunday: FINALLY MADE IT HOME and was too dazed from late night traveling to work out
    • Total Weekly Milage: 17.5

So, I was supposed to fly home on Friday afternoon. I’d planned to do a 16-mile long run before brunch with my friends on Saturday. It was all perfect! I’d take my rest day on the plane! My training log would have a solid weekly milage to show and it’d be great! 

Then my flight got cancelled.

There wasn’t another flight until late the following evening. I was totally cool with staying in paradise a little longer, don’t get me wrong… but all my carefully laid plans! All the tight timing!! 


But… you know what?

I got to go to Antigua, guys. And I got to spend a little extra time with my dad. And I have plenty of time to train for this marathon.

I don’t like feeling as if life is just HAPPENING to me. I like to feel like life is something I am living intentionally, actively, and thoughtfully. But occasionally life does HAPPEN to me, and there’s no reason for me to let the negatives outshine the positives.

My schedule is SO FLIPPING LOOPY this week because of all the missed workouts and travel days, plus I am taking a class, but I’m catching up:) Just in time for my next trip…PERU! (T-MINUS 10 DAYS!!)

2 thoughts on “Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #4: When You Try Your Best But You Don’t Succeed…

    1. THANK YOU! and it was seriously so hot. My body did not enjoy it. But when i got back to Boston and took a jog in 65 degree temps the other day, it basically felt like winter!

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