ANTIGUA Travel Log!!

Hi Friends!

If you read my last training post, you know I recently took a trip with my Dad to Antigua. It was SO RELAXING and I absolutely loved my first ever resort experience.

See, I usually opt for more adventurous/educational trips. I’ve hiked in Big Sur, California and backpacked around England and Scotland. I ran miles along the ocean in Costa Rica and held an alligator in the Bayou outside of New Orleans. What I’m saying is, I go to a lot of museums.

I’d always sort of talked down on resort trips. I mean, why lay on a beach when you could hike up a mountain to see some ancient ruins?!

Because laying on a beach is freaking AMAZING, guys. Everyone needs to stop what they are doing RIGHT NOW and go lay on a beach. Or…maybe finish reading this post first:)

I flew down to Antigua last Monday; my dad had already been down there for a few days sailing with some of his friends. They’d hit a hurricane and got thrown around like crazy, so I was a little more than a little grateful that I’d opted to skip the sailing portion of the trip.

The resort we stayed at, Carlile Bay, was set up perfectly; our suite had two bedrooms, and it opened up right to the beach. Words cannot describe how much I appreciated being able to run in and out of the room so easily. There were patios with furniture right outside our sliding doors, and then a set of comfy loungers and umbrellas in the sand just beyond that. I had literally never known the joy of not having to lug your own chair and towel to the beach; I was amazed each morning when my chair was set up with a fresh towel and open umbrella before I’d even finished breakfast!

The food there was also pretty great. I let the manager at the resort know that I was gluten free when we first arrived, and she was so helpful with letting everyone know and cueing me in to what I should and should not order. I loved all the local sea food I tried and nothing is better than fresh, local, in-season mango. On our last night me and my dad went to a local restaurant outside the resort and had the most amazing lobster salad with a side of Spanish rice! 

I read a whole book (review to come! I swear!) on the beach while I was there. I also went sailing for a day with my dad, and also did a little paddle boarding and kayaking. I was super nervous to try snorkeling for the first few days, though; I have an innate fear of sharks and jellyfish, so swimming in the ocean kind of makes me nervous. And swimming around a coral reef where lots and lots of creatures live- creatures with spines and tentacles and stingers- made me even more nervous. BUT my dad convinced me eventually and we went snorkeling near our resort (I would not snorkel off a boat in the open water, I was not at that level yet) and WE SAW A SEA TURTLE. And a ton of other amazing creatures, but the sea turtle looked straight out of Finding Nemo and he made me so, so happy.

Antigua was fabulous, and I hope to go on more beach-laying vacations in the future!!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! Anyone else doing some traveling lately?

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