Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #6: Battling Fatigue

Hi Friends:)

Yes, today is a Tuesday and I am just posting my Monday post. I am having one of my rough weeks when it comes to fatigue (#postthycalyfe) and had a whole lot of trouble getting going yesterday. But today I’m feeling a lot better, and I’m excited to do a bit of an update on how my last week of running has gone!

As you know, I was in Peru for two weeks, and gave myself some time off from serious marathon training while I was there. Many of the locations we visited in Peru were at extremely high altitudes (Over 12,000 feet) and doctors recommend taking it very easy and not pushing your cardiovascular system for at least five days while adjusting to the lower oxygen levels at high altitudes. I’m going to write more about altitude sickness and how that impacted my time in Peru in my next post, but basically I felt really out of sorts from days 3-7 of our trip. Here’s how the last 2 weeks kind of went running/fitness-wise.

Lima, Peru!
  • Monday: 8.05 miles (in Boston)
  • Tuesday: 4 miles (In Boston)
  • Wednesday: 7 miles (In Boston) + Travel to Peru
  • Thursday: Exploring Lima, Peru (miles and miles of walking)
  • Friday: MORE Exploring Lima, Peru
  • Saturday: Flew to Arequipa Peru + Walking tour+ Body weight exercises and PT exercises
  • Sunday: Travel to Colca Canyon
    • Total Weekly Milage: 19.05 miles
    • Arequipa, Peru (Our first taste of altitude; I felt gross, but the city was wonderful!)
  • Monday: Travel to Puno, Peru
  • Tuesday: Exploring Lake Titicaca! (Lots of hiking in very high altitude)
  • Wednesday: Travel from Puno to Cuzco
  • Thursday: Exploring Cuzco:)
  • Friday: 3 miles of hill repeats in Cuzco
  • Saturday: 10 mile Hike on the Inca Trail
  • Sunday: Tour of Machu Picchu!
    • Total Weekly Milage: 3 (lololol)

      Exploring/hiking the islands of Lake Titicaca!
  • Monday: 4 miles easy (in Cuzco, Peru)
  • Tuesday: Travel home to Boston
  • Wednesday: 7 miles @ 9:45 pace
  • Thursday: 9.12 miles (5.12 miles easy, 4 miles speed intervals)
  • Friday: Barre Class
  • Saturday: 11.09 miles
  • Sunday: Rest
    • Total Weekly Milage: 31.21 miles

      as seen on my run in Cuzco, Peru!

Okay, so, let me tell you a little bit about my fatigue struggles.

When I first had my thyroid removed over 10 years ago, I thought my constant tiredness, brain fog, and need for hours more sleep than my peers was just part of my recovery period, and with time I’d become “normal” again. I spent all of college so, so jealous of my friends who could party, study, and sustain an actual life on 3-5 hours of sleep a night. I always needed 8-9 hours of sleep, plus sometimes a nap, and even then I often felt lethargic and confused.

After college I got real with myself and figured out that maintaining a healthy diet and a consistent daily routine totally cured my chronic fatigue problem. I’m really great about following said routine during the school year, but in the summer, and especially when I am traveling, things get a little crazy. And the tiredness creeps back up on me.

Taking a red eye flight home last week and then having several late nights in a row to celebrate my birthday really took a toll on me. I mean, I fell asleep on the couch while trying to drink my morning coffee both on Saturday and again yesterday. Getting myself out of the house has felt like an impossible task. When I’m this fatigued, my whole body feels heavy and I have trouble following conversations, never mind navigating Boston’s notoriously complicated streets.

Most people wouldn’t push themselves to keep running when their energy levels are low. However, running is part of the routine that I know will help me get back to my energetic self. So I push through and make sure to fuel my miles with lots of great food and good rest. I focus on the end goal, and try to stay positive.

I am feeling a whole lot better today and I am excited to get out there and log some miles in the sunshine, which we haven’t seen much of in Boston for the last week.

If any of you guys have some good, wholistic tips for fighting fatigue (Essential oils, yoga poses, special foods or teas, ect.) I am ALL EARS!

I hope you’re all having a WONDERFUL week so far and I am so excited to be back to running and routines:)

2 thoughts on “Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #6: Battling Fatigue

    1. i sleep terribly on red eyes. I try not to ever take them, but I couldn’t avoid this one! I think I am finally back on track, now, but it took almost a week!!

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