Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #7: New England Weather Strikes Again!! + Life Through an iPhone Screen:(

Hi Friends:)

This week was a great running week while also being the most unpredictable weather week in the history of New England. Temperatures ranged between the mid 60’s to the mid 90’s, with alternating periods of heavy rain, scalding sunshine, and dense fog. I did a terrible job of aligning my running with the weather, also, sooooo that was fun.

Here’s how the week worked out.


    • Monday: 5.19 miles (easy pace)
    • Tuesday: 8 miles (3 w/u @ 10 min/mile, 4 miles Yassos, 1 mile c/d @ 10:15 min/mile)
    • Wednesday: 1 hour spin class
    • Thursday: 18 mile (easy pace)
    • Friday: Yoga
    • Saturday: 7.3 miles (medium/9:35ish pace)
    • Sunday: 3.47 miles easy+ Beach walk/Castle exploring!
      • Total Weekly Milage: 41.96 miles
Nothing like a sunday stroll on some castle grounds:) Hammond Castle, Gloucester Ma

Back when I first signed up for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, I was so, so nervous going into a training cycle that ran through the summer. My body does not work well in the heat, and I had generally avoided running in hot temperatures throughout my entire life. I distinctly remember talking myself out of jogging throughout an entire summer at age 15 when I first started running. Nowadays I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep myself going through the insanely variable weather here in the Northeast. Here’s what’s been working for me:

  • Hand Bottle: I’ve talked this up before. Still loving my hand bottle for runs over 8 miles.

    I’ve been using this trusty 16-oz hand bottle for YEARS!
  • SHORTS: I bought more shorts this week. Because cropped leggings ain’t cutting it.

  • Mixing outside/Treadmill running: For my speedwork/yassos, I’ve been jogging to the air-conditioned gym, running my speed intervals on the treadmill with the fan on high, then
  • Plastic wrapping my phone when it’s supposed to rain: I used to use ziplocks, but I’ve found that I can still use the touch screen through plastic wrap more so than with ziplocks. Also, plastic wrap is a little snugger which makes it easier to put my phone into my hipster belt, where I’ve been carrying it.
  • NO EXCUSES PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION: This Wedding Crasher’s rule has always been part of my general lifestyle. Not allowing your brain to tell your body it’s not capable of hard things is such an important part of bettering yourself, I think. And the more I push through the hot weather to log my miles, the less I overthink it. I know I can handle these things, so I don’t make excuses anymore!

I hope you don’t mind that this is such a short and photo-less post. Throughout the summer I spent a lot of time taking pictures of my travels and adventures and sharing said pictures on social media. By the end of my trip through Peru, though, I was starting to feel like I wasn’t giving myself a chance to experience things for real because I was constantly looking for my next social media update.

I am too lucky and have too many amazing opportunities at my feet to be staring at it all through my iPhone screen. I’ve always been careful about my social media usage and presence, but consciously paying attention to how often my brain tells me “STOP! you need to Instagram this!!” really made me want to make a change.

One of my goals for this year is to go social-media free for one month, and I’m planning to roll that out this week. That said, I WILL try to take some decent pictures of my runs to share on here:)

Have a wonderful start to your week!


1 thought on “Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #7: New England Weather Strikes Again!! + Life Through an iPhone Screen:(

  1. The weather last week was so weird!! Although I will say I didn’t mind some of the cooler temps that we got. I give you so much credit for running on a treadmill, I can’t do it.

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