Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #8: Returning to the Weight Room aka OUCH

Hi Friends:)

So, a few things happened this week! Firstly, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new Apple Watch. See, over the last 3.5 years, my old pink Apple Watch had become an integral part of my teaching practice. I used it to set timers and discreetly track student behavior, two things that are incredibly crucial in the special education profession. My pink watch broke in June, and since then I have been solely wearing my Garmin.

Now, I’m going to keep wearing my Garmin for longer runs because A) it’s battery life is better and B) it’s more durable and C) the milage is more accurate! But I tried out the running/workout function on my new watch this week and it was super fun to play around with. I still love the positive reinforcement that the Apple activity rings provide. I also love my customized watch face that allows me to know the time, date, temperature, and my activity progress in one quick glance. SO, yes, the Apple Watch is pricy. But my last once lasted nearly 4 years, so it feels worth the price!

ANYWHO… here’s how my training went this week.

  • Monday: Leg Lift + 6 miles (on the treadmill: 1 mile w/u at easy pace, then 4 miles half mile intervals @ 8mph, 1 mile c/d)
  • Tuesday: 7.03 miles
  • Wednesday: 5.06 miles
  • Thursday: 5 mile hike
  • Friday: 12 miles
  • Saturday: 3.31 miles easy
  • Sunday: 5 miles + Full Body Barry’s Bootcamp (2 miles of speed intervals @ Barry’s Bootcamp, 3 miles jogging post bootcamp @ 9:30 pace)
    • Total Weekly Milage: 38.49

Just like my last training cycle, I’m alternating between intense, higher-milage weeks and less intense, lower milage weeks. I know the difference between last week and this week is like, 2 miles. BUT those two miles made a world of difference!

I also needed to go easy on my milage because I FINALLY went back to the weight room this week! 

And oh my gosh was I sore. My legs were sore to the touch for two full days after lifting. This was 100% because I have been wildly inconsistent about my strength workouts this summer. My legs just did not remember how to recover, and my poor stretching/rolling habits did not help. I’m headed back to the weight room today, though, and I might lift a teeny bit lighter this week now that I know there’s a re-learning period I’ve got to get through.

I was also lucky enough to get some strength training in at Barry’s Bootcamp on Sunday morning with a friend before heading out for some coffee:) I’ve been meaning to write a full review of Barry’s at some point, but just for a quick reference for those of you who don’t have Barry’s… they’re bootcamp-style classes where you alternate between strength training on the floor and interval training on the treadmills. I’ve only been about a half dozen times (because it’s wildly expensive and I am a schoolteacher) But I’ve found that the treadmill section of class has really helped me break through my post- stress fracture fear of speed. And the strength training is also so, so legit.


I am not exaggerating when I say that this caterpillar that I spotted in New Hampshire was the size and thickness of my index finger. It was insane. It looked just like the caterpillar from Alice and Wonderland and I didn’t touch it because I am a baby.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. I was curious how the Apple watch as for runners! It seems like it’s best for shorter distances based on what you said. My legs are always shot once I get back into cross training them…it’s basically a lesson that I should have never stopped in the first place.

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