Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #9: Back To Reality + Brain Games

Hi Friends:)

Remember that time I enthusiastically committed to two posts a week and then like…didn’t get the job done?


This past week, I headed back to work after a much-needed adventure-filled summer of travel and relaxation. And as ready as I thought I was to head back to school, I wasn’t as ready for some changes/disappointments that were thrown my way unexpectedly at work. So I ended up spending a lot of extra hours a) practicing self care and b) making lemons out of lemonade by organizing and re-organizing my plans for this year.

Lucky for me, I had some great running to keep my spirits up and anxiety down throughout the week.

  • Monday: 10.4 miles (5.01miles easy, 4 miles of yassos, 1.39 mile cool down)
  • Tuesday: 1 hour spin class+ Leg Lift
  • Wednesday: 5.02 miles
  • Thursday: 6.67 miles
  • Friday: Rest Day
  • Saturday: 20.0 mile long run
  • Sunday: 2.14 mile recovery run
    • Total Weekly Milage: 43.83

I took down my first 20-miler of this training cycle this weekend while I was hanging with my family up at the lake house in New Hampshire. 

Ever since I started running long distances, I’ve wanted to run the full perimeter of our lake, which is about 16.5 miles around. I wasn’t able to make it up to the lake for my 16 or 18 milers a few weeks back, but this weekend worked out just right!

I left my parent’s house around 7am, and headed to the hillier side of the lake first. I didn’t really try to push my pace, but the cool morning temperatures and familiar scenery kept me moving even on some of the gnarliest hills.

One thing that did slow me down- and is still kind of slowing me down two days later- was my Camelbak hydration pack. I’ve noticed that carrying the pack adds about 20/30 seconds to my mile time when I use it, and I’m sure that this is more because of me fiddling with it than the actual weight it adds to my system. On this run, though, my hydration pack also chafed the living hell out of me.

I guess that scabby, raw skin all around my mid-back and under my sports bra where the front snap goes is somewhat better than getting severely dehydrated while on a very long run in a rural area. But chafing somehow bothers me more than my stress fracture ever did, and I just really wish I’d remembered to coat my entire torso in bodyglide. 

But, alas! I completed the run feeling strong. 20 miles is a daunting distance for anyone, and I was really happy with how well I kept my brain in the right place throughout the run. I downloaded a bunch of new music and made an awesome  new playlist last week, mixing some old favorites with the new tunes. I had a few podcasts downloaded and queued up in case I needed more of a distraction. I’m also a bit of an amateur bird watcher, and I saw quite a few beautiful birds along the way. I even saw two chickens LITERALLY crossing the road in front of me, and I got a lot of milage out of making up “why did the chicken cross the road” jokes in my head. 

I’m finding that keeping my brain happy and entertained is such a huge part of my running. I’ve developed all sorts of strategies for getting through workouts; whether it’s watching “Stranger Things” while pushing through Yassos on the treadmill at the gym or making sure to have a chill episode of Oprah’s Super Soul podcast downloaded for a recovery run. Figuring out what works for my brain has made it so I can push through some pretty tough workouts this training cycle!

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  1. That stinks your hydration pack bothered you on your 20 mile run. One thing I do for long runs is hide a half filled frozen water bottle along the route the night before. It thaws in the morning then I will refill my handheld bottle with it.

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