Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #10: Cutting Back and Cross Training

Hi Friends:)

This week was super weird.

Firstly, I went back to school this week. And just to be totally, completely transparent: I’m not very excited with the subjects I’ve been assigned to teach/my schedule for the year, so it wasn’t the happiest week for me. Plus the basic challenge of adjusting to a real schedule again… not the best.

BUT I did get to spend last weekend in New Hampshire, as I mentioned in my last post. When I arrived back in Boston on Monday, I was still sore from my 20 miler on Saturday, and it was about 95 degrees. I headed to the gym to log a couple of miles, BUT IT WAS CLOSED for Labor day so obviously I went home and watched “Nailed It” on Netflix in my air conditioned room instead of running.

  • Monday: Rest!
  • Tuesday: 5.06 miles outside before work, then 3.61 miles on the treadmill after work
  • Wednesday: 3.4 miles on the treadmill+ Leg Lift
  • Thursday: 45 minutes swimming
  • Friday: Barre class +Walking
  • Saturday: 8.85 miles
  • Sunday: 7.0 miles
    • Total Weekly Milage: 27.92


When I got on the treadmill on Wednesday, I intended to run 8 miles. I queued up a movie on my iPhone (Sixteen Candles, in case you were wondering) and laced my shoes just right. Then about three miles in I started to get some shin splints. I ran for maybe five more minutes at a lower speed, trying to see if the pain was really there of if it was just in my head. After my stress-fracture fiasco of 2017, I realized that my version of shin splints are super, super mild. Therefore, I need to take it easy at the faintest sign of pain.

Which is exactly what I did.

I iced my shins, took the next two days off from running, and chose to do two shorter runs over the weekend instead of one longer one. I didn’t want to. I like meeting my milage goals every week. I like the patterned, routine life I lead when I’m running each day.

But I also really want to make it to the starting line of my marathon. So two days off was a truly small price to pay. Instead, I hit the pool for the first time in weeks, and got into a barre class that worked my (neglected) core so, so hard. Plus, once I got back to running on Saturday and Sunday, I was so excited and ready to hit the pavement! I hadn’t realized how much I needed a little break. 

For my return to running, I took a drive out to some trails in the town of Wellesley on Saturday afternoon, and really enjoyed running easy on some dirt trails and just enjoying the scenery.

I even saw a Great Blue Heron up close!

And this is totally unrelated, but I also got to party with my littlest cousin pre-run on Saturday and this dude put me in just the right mood to get out there and explore.

I’m already looking forward to running a more “normal” milage this week, but I’m going to stick to lower paces and keep up with my icing. My runs have gone well the last few days, but injury prevention is so, so important to me!

I hope you all are having a great start to your week! Let me know how your workouts are going below:)

1 thought on “Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #10: Cutting Back and Cross Training

  1. It’s way more important to take a few days off or run lower mileage than push it and risk an injury! It can be tough taking the time off but worth it.

    You baby cousin is so stinking cute!!

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