Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training “Monday” #11: Failure Is Part of The Game

Hi Friends:)

So, last week will forever be defined by three things: a long run fail, and the worst IBD flare up I’ve had in over a year (Not that anyone really wants to know what’s going on with anyone else’s GI system, but I’m just tryna be real here), and night after night of insomnia (thanks, stress!) 

I’ve kind of known SOMETHING was up for the last month or so. But I’d been sort of damage-controlling the situation by tending to symptoms as best I could. But with chronic conditions, it’s impossible to maintain control 100% of the time. So you just do your best and push through.

Here’s how the week went running-wise.

  • Monday: 5.45 miles
  • Tuesday: 9.51 miles
  • Wednesday: 5.36 miles
  • Thursday: Physical Therapy + 3.79 miles
  • Friday: 45 minutes swimming
  • Saturday: 19.1 miles
  • Sunday: Rest!

Total Miles: 43.21

My goal had been 45 miles for the week, but what with my health behaving the way it did, I fell a tiny bit short. Tuesday and Wednesday were kind of the low points for me, and I found that I just wasn’t able to recover from my runs since I wasn’t able to get proper sleep and, like, digestion. I was still determined to get my 21/22 miler in on Saturday, though, so I headed out for my long run around the lake near my parent’s house in New Hampshire.


My stomach couldn’t handle too much food that morning, so I’ll openly admit that I was not well fueled getting out there. I could feel the fatigue in my legs from the first mile, but my mental game was still pretty strong and I know that route so well after years of running it that I got through 15 miles without major issues.

northernmost tip of the lake, ~10 miles in!

By mile 15, though, I started getting some cramping in my lower abdomen and lower back. I kept telling myself that it was only 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 more miles, I was almost there. But then at mile 18.5 I realized the back pain was creeping upwards and restricting my breathing. I started to get panicky and knew that it was time to go home.

new hampshire sights:)

There was a park at mile 19, so I texted my dad to pick me up there. Once I was home I was able to really recognize how much pain I was in. I’m usually able to handle long runs without too much pain, but this was different. EVERYTHING hurt. I couldn’t figure out if I was tired or injured or both.

I’ve been taking this week way easier than I’d like to be. I’ve been prioritizing sleep and eating really “safe” foods, and I’ve been opting to cross-train indoors (i.e. close to a bathroom) while my system gets back to some sort of predictable pattern. SORRY FOR THE LATE POST but I had to put relaxation first:)

I’ll be resting it out, and I’ll be back next week with a health/running update!


1 thought on “Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training “Monday” #11: Failure Is Part of The Game

  1. Whenever I have a bad run I just tell myself that it’s better to have a bad run than a bad race. It helps me feel better about it (after I let myself be disappointed for a bit). I hope you’re feeling better!!

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