Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #12: Hello. It’s me.

Hi friends:)


So, I was pretty beat up last week, as you could probably tell by my singular, two-days-late, poorly written post. The GI stuff I’d been dealing with for a week or so prior continued to act up, plus I got hit with body aches, migraines, sore throat, fatigue, and (weirdly) a mouth FULL of canker sores.

Anyone else have this problem? My whole family gets canker sores, but I’ve found mine only really form if a) I eat WAY too much milk chocolate or b) I am really run down and am fighting a virus.

I took all this as a sign that I needed to chill the f*#k out for a few days and maybe dial back my extreme-ness. So I spent last week taking it much, much easier than normal and following my own advice  until I started to gain some energy and strength back.

Here’s how the week looked, fitness-wise:

  • Monday: 45 Minute Spin Class
  • Tuesday: 1 Hour Spin Class
  • Wednesday: 1 Hour Barre Class
  • Thursday: 3.26 mile run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 7.00 miles easy
  • Sunday: 3.01 miles w/ hills
    • Total Miles: 13.27

I know what any non-marathoner (and literally everyone in my family- I SWEAR I’M FINE, MOM) is thinking: You seriously took just one rest day when you were feeling like junk all week?

The answer: Yes, and I have mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, I have a race to train for, and I wasn’t TOTALLY down and out. On the other hand, I know that I have issues listening to my body and not just blindly following the plan I prescribed to myself. I switched a few of my running workouts for gym classes, at least, but it took me a lot of mental energy to talk myself out of running my previously planned 35 miles last week.

See, there’s this kind of twisted part of me that always whispers “Come on, you’ve been sicker. You’ve been in more pain. You’ve been through worse.” The thing is, though, I should not keep comparing everything to when I was at my worst, my sickest. Especially since I’ve been very sick in my life. I set myself up for some pretty extreme situations by thinking this way, and I really think that for me, it’s easier to push forward through pain than to be kind and let myself off the hook. Easier, yes. Better? Not always.

I had some nervous energy to get out of my system by the time I got to this past weekend, when I chose to run just 7 miles as opposed to my scheduled 15 on Saturday. So I whipped out my favorite cookbook of all time and got to work making some Superhero Muffins and Hearty Minestrone soup (I make mine with ground turkey that I sauté with Italian seasoning and no penne so that it’s 100% gluten free).

I bought this cookbook a year ago when I was still struggling with athletic amenorrhea and I think I’ve read it cover to cover. I’m going to admit that I’m more of a free-style cook who uses what she’s got rather than shopping for a specific recipe, but this book has given me so much inspiration. Fun Fact: I ran into Shalane Flangan’s mom last year and gushed about how much I loved her kid’s cookbook. We then went on to chat about how Shalane is just as sassy to her as I often am to my mom (HI AGAIN, MOM!).

Running is my #1 way of calming myself down, but cooking is a close 2nd!

Also: both of my previous pairs of Brooks Ghosts now have about 400 miles on them. Since I’ve got several races coming up, I figured it was time to hit {ORDER} on my next pair, which will be my 3rd pair of 2018. Which means that mathematically, I have run about 1000 miles so far this year.


But look how pretty and purple these are! My love of purple shoes/everything continues!

ALSO! I just finished up 30-days of no social media, which was a goal of mine for this year. And let me tell you; it wasn’t that hard. It was hard to catch myself auto-typing the URL for facebook every time I logged onto my computer, or swiping and clicking the spot on my iPhone screen where my instagram app had been. But once I broke the muscle-memory habit, it was not hard at all to re-claim the 20+ minutes I had been using to mindlessly scroll each day and use it to do something better. I read a lot more books and articles and found myself just generally getting more done each day. It was pretty great! Let me know if you want to hear more about my social media cleanse:)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this long, windy post with (once again) too few pictures and probably way too many superfluous capital letters and exclamation points.

Have a great week!


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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’m going to have to order a new pair of running shoes soon. The color you got yours in is so cute! Thank goodness brands have awesome colors for running shoes. So much better than boring white or grey that used to be out.

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