Toronto Waterfront Marathon Training Monday #13: Mini-Taper/Half Marathon Check-In!!

Hi Friends!

Sorry for the delay in writing this. I fully intended to actually get a post out on time this week… then my internet died for 2 days and I had to put that plan on hold.

But…I’m back! I’m going to do a quick check in today, plus a more detailed race recap later in the week:)

Last week I took a miniature taper week leading up to my favorite half marathon ever, the New Hampshire Half Marathon!! So here’s how the week turned out…

  • Monday: 4.03 mile run
  • Tuesday: 4.72 mile run
  • Wednesday: 4.05 mile run
  • Thursday: 1 hour walk with dad
  • Friday: 1 hour walk with dad
  • Saturday: 13.1! (@8:50 pace)
  • Sunday: Rest
    • Total Miles: 25.9 miles

So, originally I intended to use this half as a training run. But then I realized a few things. 1) I am too competitive for that and 2) I really wanted to check in with myself race-wise to figure out where I should actually check my goals for my marathon at the end of the month. This half was far enough before my race that I had the option of racing it and still being able to recover nicely before my next/real race day.

So I let myself PUSH.

New Hampshire is a notoriously hilly course, and I managed to take it at nearly PR pace. Given, I’d taken two days off and just been walking leading up to it. And my split times were ot as consistent as I’d have liked them to be. But it felt good, and even when I finished I felt strong and like, relaxed. My quads were feeling a little tired from the hills, but overall my body felt fresh throughout the race.

It made me SO FREAKING EXCITED for my marathon in a few weeks:)

I’ll be back on (realistically) Friday with a  full recap of the race. Until then, have a wonderful week!

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