Two Weeks In QUICK Review!!

Hi Friends!

I’ve been gone for a while, and TBH I don’t have the time to write a full post even right now!

See, a few things happened since the Toronto Waterfront Marathon that made it hard for me to keep up with, um, anything…

FIRSTLY… I’ve alluded to this in previous posts, but work has thrown a curveball at me this year. One of my co-workers has been dealing with some health issues, and as someone who has dealt with serious health issues myself in the past, I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. So I’ve taken on a little extra responsibility, possibly a little more than I can fully handle on top of my already demanding job. But the thing is, it’s the right thing to do. I mean, it’s the golden rule! Treat others how you want to be treated.

SECONDLY… I hadn’t realized how many things I’d been putting off until “after the marathon.” But now that the marathon is over, I’ve been really tackling a to-do list filled with fun and not at all fun activities alike:)

THIRDLY… I actually had planned to sit down and type out a full length post/2 weeks of workouts update tonight! I was so psyched! Then I sat down at my computer and saw an odd email from a .ru email address with my old password as the subject line. Yep, I got sort of hacked. That password wasn’t actually in use for anything anymore (unless the hacker wanted to do some pinteresting?) and the email it was tied to has been deactivated for years. But nonetheless, I spent hours changing all my passwords to even longer and more nonsensical strings of letters and numbers. There was a bit of a ransom-like threat demanding money so that “embarrassing” photos of me don’t get sent to my contact list… Let me just tell you that the only embarrassing photo of me that I know to exist is this: 

Cat onesies forever!!

…or maybe this:

8th grade… note the awkward stress-induced bald spot along my part that I am trying to cover up with my awkward, almost-grown out bangs.

Any how…the last two weeks in workouts!

Recovery has been great. I’ve never felt so good after a marathon before. I went to work the next day and felt totally like myself within four days post-race. Five days post-race I started in on super easy 2-milers with my students at our after-school practices. At a full week post-marathon I got back into my spin classes, and gave some light weight training a try. By the two week mark (Yesterday) I took on my first semi-hard workout at Barry’s Bootcamp! This week I’m pushing myself up to easy 3 and 4 milers.

Here’s one more embarrassing photo, since evidentially they’re all going to be sent to everyone I’ve ever emailed if I don’t magically come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin within the next 48 hours.

That’s all I have time for tonight:) I swear I’ll be back to real life next week, and until then send me good vibes!

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