A Runner’s Holiday Survival Guide

Life / Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Hi Friends:)

Anyone who follows me on social media knows that I had a wonderful holiday season this year, but only because I was very careful about self care and self preservation. The holidays were a really rough time for me for many years, but this year I was able to…..

Happily PR in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving!

Have a BLAST at family gatherings.

Plan and execute special holiday events and outings with my friends and family that left me feeling FULL and BALANCED.

And in the end I was rested and ready to to move into 2019 with a positive mindset.

Here’s 5 things I made sure to do to stay positive during the holiday season:

  1. I Took Breaks. This goes for during the actual holidays (Example: I went back to my own apartment and took a power nap on both Thanksgiving and Christmas) and during the season in general. I let myself have a few extra rest days and I let myself sit out holiday traditions (like NYE ragers) that had always made me feel down and out of place. I didn’t feel guilty if I wasn’t busy all the time because I framed these quiet moments as self care; I was banking my introverted time throughout the season so that when the intense days hit, I was able to give enough without getting exhausted. Similar to this…
  2. I Said NO. I was invited to all kinds of events and parties and asked to do all kinds of favors and yeah, I did some of them. But others, I politely declined. It’s so, so much better for me emotionally to spend time relaxing on my own than to be shoved into a social or volunteer situation where I feel out of place and unappreciated.
  3. I Went HARD On The Traditions I Do Love: I decorated my apartment hard core, guys. I got a real christmas tree, put lights around all the windows and doorways, and hosted a christmas dinner party for my friends. I took my little nieces out to see the Nutcracker and Disney On Ice and watched ALL the Hallmark Christmas Movies with my mom.
  4. I Listed All The Things I Had To Look Forward to: I have a whiteboard in my bedroom where I list all the things coming up that i am excited about. Trips, events, races. When I’m trudging through obligations that I really can’t get out of, it’s helpful for me to look up at this and remember what amazing things are to come.
  5. I Treated Myself: So. Many. Lattes. I also got myself new outfits for holiday events. I bought my first ever advent calendar with chocolate inside it and LOVED THAT THING. Letting myself indulge a little helped me get out the door when I wanted to stay in my PJ’s and watch Netflix all day.
  6. I Worked Out: A lot of people let their running/workouts slide during the holidays, especially since it’s getting colder and icier, at least in my neck of the woods. But for me, having the small victories that running and working out give you is so essential to staying balanced, not to mention the endorphins. I kept up with 4-7 days a week of working out throughout the season, and made sure to get some amazing runs in before all major events.

These 6 things kept me so well balanced and sane all through November and December!

Now, another thing I did during this season was mostly stay off social media. On Christmas day, though, I really wanted to make sure there was a voice out there addressing how much holidays can suck and how to help ourself through. Whenever I opened Instagram during the holidays throughout previous years, I was bombarded with perfect images of perfect families celebrating all together and following through on decades-old traditions. And, like, my family is awesome in their own way…but that’s just not us. Every year is different, things fall through the cracks, people can’t make it, and someone’s always dealing with a crisis of some sort. So the idea of getting everyone to sit down for a group photo- not even including any kind of coordinating pajamas/sweaters/ect- is laughable.

So on Christmas morning, I opened up Insta Stories and documented how I pushed through my day. I originally posted this “Guide to Surviving Christmas” on my personal account, so I want to share it here as well for those of you who aren’t connected to my private insta.

I hope that this ends up being helpful to someone out there!

Happy Holidays, Y’all!

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