Hello World!

Life / Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

And so I’m finally taking the plunge.

No, not that plunge.

Six years ago (and change) I started a little blog about being a new graduate in the big city. Back then I was trying to figure so many things out; I’d just completed my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Classics, and I’d hauled all my earthly belongings from my tiny dorm room at my central-Pennsylvania university into an even tinier Manhattan sublet.

I loved writing Eccentricity in the City. I loved feeling inspired by the city around me, by my budding career in special education, by the functionality of my dysfunctional lifestyle. I loved sharing photos and updates and feelings and ideas with my friends and family.  And I loved exercising my writing muscles on a semi-regular basis. 

What I didn’t love, though, was the slow transformation of my chosen platform from legitimate blogging site to meme-wonderland. Oh, the challenges of free blog sites.

I also didn’t-and still don’t- love the fear that filled my soul every time I clicked “Publish.” See, I’m just not a super public person. I’m all about that privacy. I work hard to make sure that I’m consistently friendly and kind to everyone I meet, but I know that I’m not always the most open. Slow to warm up, I’ve been called. Cautious. I post on social media sporadically, and I still can’t bring myself to take a selfie unless I’m with another person and/or an animal (Which isn’t really a selfie at all, is it?)

That said, I’m passionate about so many things, and over the last few months I’ve been trying to figure out a way to share my passions with the wider world of the world wide web.

And so here I am. About to click “Publish,” and completely terrified.

Welcome to Read, Write, Run, friends.

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