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Life / Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Hello, Friends!

I was on vacation last week, and I actually managed to slip in a solid amount of working out while exploring beautiful Sardinia, Italy with my dad. I wanted to share how I kept up my fitness levels while on the go!

Rooftop workout? I think yes:)

Sunday: I flew into Olbia, Italy on the island of Sardinia on Saturday evening, after spending 11-ish hours on planes. Besides some walking and a few awkward tricep dips and crunches during a layover in Berlin, I’d been mostly sedentary for 24 hours. So I set an alarm for early on Sunday morning and hit the hotel gym. The gym was totally empty, well-equipped, and on the 8th floor (with roof access!) of the building overlooking the Mediterranean; I had no trouble finding my fitspiration. I did 30 minutes of resistance intervals on the elliptical, then some core work (planks, crunches, etc.), and finally some light upper-body weights before hitting the foam roller.

climbing the walls at the Bosa citadel!

Monday: This was our big exploring day! It was also when the jet-lag really hit me. We walked upwards of 6 miles throughout the day while exploring southern Sardinia, including an aggressive and mostly unplanned 30-minute uphill hike to a 12th century citadel in a stunning town called Bosa. I swam laps for maybe 20 minutes in the mediterranean sea and the hotel pool that evening, and called it a fitness win for the day.

A trail with a view in Alghero, Italy!

Tuesday: I started my Tuesday with a jog around Alghero, on the western coast of Sardinia. I’d hoped to get 4-5 miles in, but at mile 2.5 I tripped and fell:( I got right back up and running, and didn’t realize that my hand was bleeding for another half mile. I ended up running about 3.5 miles at a 9:30 pace. That afternoon we hit the road and headed east towards the resort where we spent the rest of the week!

the view from my spin bike…I wish there were outdoor gyms everywhere!

Wednesday: Another early workout day! I set an alarm for 5:30am and hit the hotel gym for 40 minutes of spinning and some plyometrics before breakfast. That afternoon, we went out on a boat and I swam a few laps bit before lounging in the sun with a good book. I know that most people think it’s CRAZY to set an early alarm while on vacation, but working out is something that relaxes me and keeps me all nice and regulated, especially when I’m traveling.

true life: our resort looks like disneyland.

Thursday: I sort of slept in this day! We took a tour in the morning and had lunch at a farm. Once we got back , I jogged around the resort for a couple of miles, then hit the treadmill at the outdoor gym for a total of 4 hilly miles at an easy pace.

Mediterranean Beach Day:)

Friday: I usually don’t take rest days unless I’ve run long or lifted heavy. But I was feeling a little sore from my hilly run on Thursday, so I indulged in a chilled-out day on the beach.

Saturday: I woke up early on Saturday to do another 30 minutes of spinning, then another 30 minutes rotating between jump squats, core work, lunges, and my favorite glute workout for runners at the hotel gym before boarding a 9 hour flight home:( Forgot to take any pictures, sadly!

FINALLY BACK IN BOSTON, just in time for the corrib pub 5k in West Roxbury! BEST RACE IN THE WORLD!

Sunday: MY FAVORITE RACE EVER!! I ran the Corib Pub 5k in the neighborhood where I grew up in Boston. I used to watch this race as a little kid and thing “Damn. 3 miles. I could never.” I pushed my jet-lagged body to a PR at 25:51, and had a blast the whole way around!


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