Teacher Tuesday: A Teacher’s Summer Essentials

Life, Reading / Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Hi Friends:)



I thought it might never arrive!

To be honest, my summer doesn’t really start until August, because I spend half of July directing a summer program for kids with disabilities. But I’m so looking forward to a few weeks of fun and family in July, then lots of days in the sunshine come August.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, unstructured time makes me anxious! Anyone else like this? I love feeling productive, and when I don’t have a clear-cut schedule and priorities it gets me down. I have to remind myself, though, that my job(s) are stressful, and relaxing and decompressing is actually what I should be doing in the summer.

I’ve figured out a few essential items, routines, and activities that help me to be productive while still decompressing during the summer months, so I thought I’d share!

  • ICED COFFEE! Whether it’s homemade cold brew (my fave) or a mobile order from Starbucks, iced coffee brightens my day and cools me down when it gets really hot over the summer. It’s one of my main food groups at camp, and I love it!
  • Bring on the Activewear: Am I the only teacher out there who never puts on real clothes all summer? All I wear are running shorts and tanks. That said…

  • A Cute, NOT School Appropriate Sundress: My work dresses are very conservative. So in the summer, I like to have a little more fun. Strapless sundresses and shorter skirts are my go-to when I’m heading out with my friends in the summer. Why not?!?

  • A New Cookbook: I try to cook as much as possible during the school year, but I end up snacking for meals and grabbing salads to go pretty often. I love to treat myself to a new cookbook each summer to give myself some motivation to get cooking! This year I tried out Blue Apron (pictured above) to kick off a summer of cooking real food!
  • A Planner/Up To Date iCal: I often forget what day it is during the summer. I once slept through a dentist appointment it’d taken months to get because I’d mixed up my hazy, mid-August days. Although it doesn’t feel like a necessity in the summer, continuing to use a planner or update your iCal is a wise choice.
  • A New Show to Binge-Watch: I think mine is going to be “Anne with an E”, as I read all of the Anne of Green Gables books as a kid. I’m also a Game of Thrones Fan, and CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON!
  • Beach Gear: I keep a beach blanket, bathing suit, and towel in my car this time of year. I like to hit the beach as often as humanly possible. I also LOVE  just spreading out a blanket at a local park (Boston has amazing parks) and reading a book for a few hours.
  • Berries on Berries on Berries: So whenever I buy berries during the school year, some of them go bad before I have a chance to wash/cut up/consume them. In the summer this is not the case so I eat ALL OF THE BERRIES and it is wonderful. I recently discovered berry picking, too, and it’s one of the most satisfying activities in the summertime.
  • A Workout that Works for You: The summer is a great time to try a new workout or get back into one that you once loved. In past summer I’ve taken ballet classes, attended outdoor yoga events, and taken hiking trips with good friends. I personally love the structure workout classes give my days in the summer. Find something fun to do that also keeps you active and build a habit out of it! If you really love you workout, when you go back to work in September you’ll make sure to work that habit into your school-year schedule.
  • A Stack of Used Books: I hit up my local thrift store for used books all the time! I don’t like shlepping hard-covers to the beach and camping, so I love to pick up a few paperbacks that I can tote around with me on my adventures. I try to finish at least 8-10 books each summer:)

  • Great People: Make time for your friends and family! Especially the ones who you don’t see very often. I make a point to travel and visit a few friends who have moved out and around the country during the summer, and it’s always so wonderful.

To all you teachers out there: HAPPY SUMMER!

Now you tell me…

  • Do you have any favorite summer things?
  • Is there a specific workout you save for the summer months?
  • What’s your favorite summer read?



22 Replies to “Teacher Tuesday: A Teacher’s Summer Essentials”

  1. I LOVE getting to see another teacher’s summer adventures! I’m so glad you are enjoying your time and are so determined for your time to not be wasted. I hope your summer program goes by fast so you get to enjoy it to the fullest. I also LIVE in activewear during the summer (and the school year because I teach P.E.) so I fully understand your excitement!

  2. I love summer! You highlight some of my very favorite summer activities too. I’d forgotten it was time to do some of these activities though. I’m so excited for summer!

  3. This is such a good post! I really haven’t read anything like it (at least that I can remember). I totally agree with you that coffee and books are essentials. Pair those with sunbathing and that’s my perfect day!

    1. That’s why I wrote it! I was trying to find posts about teachers in the summer, and they all talked about lesson planning and classroom decoration! I think recharging is so important!

  4. Loved this post! I love summer and I agree with you on being productive. I love waking up early in the morning, starting my day off with a cup of warm green tea. Even if it’s hot I try to not drink too much cold drinks. I love that you workout regularly, it feels so energizing. My workout routine covers almost everything. Love watching netflix while working out. 🙂 http://www.clairebearblogs.com

  5. Fab post! It’s awesome finding out what you do in the summer. I love the idea of a new cook book, I keep buying them latley but it sounds nice to get one every summer. I think it’s awesome you’ve tried things like ballet classes, so intresting.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  6. What a fantastic post! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Blue Apron; I hope you enjoy it. I really like zumba in the summertime 🙂 book wise, I’d go for Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Hope you have a fabulous summer!!

  7. Summer Activities:

    I love playing in the pool and going to the different festivals in My city. My favorite work out is walking so it’s amazing to walk outside instead of the treadmill.

  8. Ah what a fab post to read! My boyfriend is starting his career as a teacher this summer and has already signed up for a ton of summer camps so will be working through these two months! Enjoy summer xx

  9. Oh yes! I totally understand the “I am nervous when I don’t have schedule” thing! The transition from that world to my working-from-home world was tough! Haha and now taking a break is tough 😀 but I’d do it
    for some nice iced coffee or tea! Keep it up girl!!

  10. I think the sun is my favourite summer thing! Lol but i live in scotland so we dont see it much.
    I’ve also never tried iced tea, will need to give it a go x

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