Book Review: The Girl With the Lower Back Tatoo

Life, Reading / Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

So, let me start by saying this: READ THIS BOOK. Just do it. Just read it.

I, too was not Amy Schumer’s biggest fan for a while there. I was not hugely into her show (possibly because one of my students in New York City missed one day of school to be an extra on an episode of Inside Amy Schumer and then refused to do her homework for weeks, claiming she was “on TV so so it didn’t matter.”) I also didn’t love her standup.

Then I watched Trainwreck on a whim one weekend and it blew my mind. Trainwreck is not some oscar-nominated masterpiece, I know. But that movie dove head-first into some complicated stuff, and it did it with a lot of humor and the perfect amount of sensitivity.

So when I saw that Amy was writing a book, I was totally on board. I loved all the books I’d read by other funny ladies like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

This wasn’t just a funny book, though. It’s completely hysterical at points, sure. But at other points it’s just so raw and real. Amy’s stories about being an introvert and learning to accept her flawed parents really hit home for me. And her descriptions of her beloved but mildly disturbing stuffed animals made me laugh until I peed a little. Amy jumped back and forth between childhood stories and stories about how she broke into the comedy scene, but somehow the image forming of her life and character never felt distorted.

In the book, she shared the kinds of stories I wish all women felt more comfortable sharing; stories about her traumatic first sexual encounter, and the abusive relationship she still can’t believe she was ever in.  To some extent we all have these stories; we all have those moments in our pasts that we look back on and cringe. We all keep these moments under wraps and just hope our friends, our sisters, our students, our nieces, our daughters magically don’t end up in the same kinds of trouble we did. Amy Schumer puts her stories out there; she confides in her reader, all the while assuring that reader she is not alone.

Reading this book literally made me feel like I’d just met the older sister I’d never had and always wanted. It actually helped me sort through some of the rough stuff that’s been clogging up my mindset lately and dragging me down. As I’m writing this, I am actually mentally planning which chapters to re-read before bed tonight.

So, just read this book. Read it.


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