Travel Guide: Seattle (aka Gluten-free heaven!)

Life / Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

I was lucky enough to travel to Seattle last week after my 3 week stint working at a summer camp in California.

I wasn’t up to running just yet when I was in Seattle, so I don’t have a whole lot of running tips for you. But I did REALLY enjoy all the gluten free options available to me while I was there, so I’ll talk those up!

Okay, so, after what was one of our first full nights of sleep in weeks, my friend/ camp co-worker and I rented a car and headed into Seattle to do some sightseeing!

Driving is a super efficient way to make your way around Seattle. I am a great public transit navigator, but Seattle’s roads are easy to understand, parking is cheap, and you’re able to get to more places driving than taking the busses.

Our first stop was to see the illusive Fremont Troll! 10 things I Hate About You is actually on my top 10 favorite movies list, so I had to go visit the troll while I was in town.


And of course we had to take a selfie. (Pay no attention to the tourist on the troll’s head.)


Next we headed down to to all the shops and boutiques in Fremont and did a little exploring! I picked up a few new additions to my post card collection + a new sticker for my computer!


After that we headed to check out the views from Kerry Park!  I love that mount Rainier and the Space Needle are sort of side by side from that vantage point.


We also checked out Meredith Grey’s house:) I was a huge grey’s fan through high school/college…I’ve fallen out of love with it now but when I saw this house was just a block from Kerry Park I felt super nostalgic.


Then we headed to the Olympic Sculpture park for a nice walk:)


I HIGHLY recommend stopping by the Olympic Sculpture Park if you’re in Seattle. There are so many walkways and running trails, some of which run along the water. the views of the olympic peninsula and the sound are so stunning, too!


That night we went to the Gerald in Ballard for dinner, which had some really great gluten free options, including their TRUFFLE POPCORN! So delicious! Then we went to Hot Cakes for dessert, where I was able to get an individual molten chocolate cake that was 100% gluten free!

I HAVE NOT HAD MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE IN 3+ YEARS. Thanks for thinking of my gluten free tribe, Hot Cakes.


The next day we started with brunch at the Yellow Dot Cafe in Fremont, and it was awesome! I got the southwest scramble, and I loved that it came with a baked potato. They even had gluten free toast, which is simply not offered on the east coast. Also, there’s no iced coffee option at summer camp, so words cannot describe how amazing this coffee tasted.


We headed downtown to take an underground tour (I didn’t take any pictures because I’m LAME) If you’re into history at all, you should take this tour! You get to head down beneath the modern city streets to see how the historic settlement grew into the Seattle we know today. Because the original settlers built the city at the bottom of a steep hill on soft tidal flats, there were major infrastructure issues in the mid-late 19th century. After the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the city began a (slow and somewhat ridiculous) rebuilding project that involved taking down the steep hill to fill in the city streets around the existing buildings. Sound weird and complicated? It is. Take the tour! It’s cool and they explain it better!

After the tour, we wandered the downtown area and headed to Pikes Place Market like the good tourists that we are.


It was super crowded but also super wonderful.


That evening we waked around the Ballard Lochs and I LOVED seeing al the salmon climbing the fish ladder!

On our last day we hit the beach at Golden Gardens Park, and just relaxed before our long flight back to the east coast. I love being able to take one day to just chill out on a trip; I used to feel like I had to be on my feet for days on end whenever I traveled in order to truly get the full experience; NOT TRUE! A beach day or going to see a movie or reading a book in a park is typically worth it:)

Now You Tell Me…

Any tips for surviving a red-eye flight? I almost died.

GLUTEN FREE PEOPLE… what are your go-to food spots/items when you’re traveling?

Do you take a chill day while traveling? If so, what do you usually do all day? 



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  1. Traveling gluten- free might be a challenge, but once you accomplish it, the reward is priceless!!! I always take with me rice waffles for long roads, fruits, green powders, and veggies.

  2. This pictures are lovely! I’ve never actually been to the US but I’m going to add Seattle to one of the places I want to visit when I eventually travel there 🙂 Great post!

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