This Week in Workouts: Injury Recovery Edition!

Life, Running / Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

So, now that I’m finally back home and (mostly) healed after so, so many weeks of traveling and moderating my activity levels, I feel like I have a workout debt to pay.

Logically, of course, I know that a few weeks off from consistent workouts was what I needed to heal up my stress fracture, re-regulate on my new hormone levels, and re-calcify my bones. But working out is so much more to me than a way to stay looking fit; working out gives my days and weeks a rhythm that I absolutely love. I’m more energetic throughout the day, I sleep better at night. I’m more decisive when I workout, too; when you’ve got a workout scheduled, you kind of know what you need to wear what you need to eat, when you’re going to shower. When I work out I’m less burdened by all the little choices I HATE making all day every day.

So it felt great to get back to the gym this week and spend a little time strengthening my body and re-building my stamina.

Here’s how this week worked itself out workout-wise:)


Monday: My first run since June! I alternated 2 minutes walking/2 minutes running per my doctor’s orders for 30 minutes. I also did this glute workout, some crunches, and some planks.


Tuesday: 45 minute spin class at the gym, then I got started on this quick arm challenge with my 8lb weights. As a runner, I’m a little bit upper-body weak, and that is something I’m hoping to change. My goal is work my way up to doing this whole circuit with 12lb weights by labor day. And of course I threw in a quick ab circuit and gave myself a good stretch and foam roll before bed.


Wednesday: I tried a “Body Sculpt” class at my local YMCA and HOLY MOLEY was it hard. It was really just repeat intervals of weighted squats, lunges, curtseys, and crunches with some bicep curls and shoulder presses mixed in. But we did everything for 1 minute straight, and we did that several times over for an entire hour. I felt pretty strong when I was in the class, and even hit the tredmill for another 30 minute walk/run workout before my birthday dinner. Then I woke up the next day and I was more sore than I ever imagined I could be. Hence…

look! I ran 6mph for 2 whole minutes! Take that, Sub-2 half marathon that broke my leg!


Thursday: My Quads were so sore! I decided to skip the spin class I’d planned to go to to give them a bit of a break, so instead I hit the pool for 45 minutes of freestyle swimming, then gave myself a good stretch out and foam roll. I did day 2 of the arm challenge, as well! Later on, I helped a friend move, which involved a good amount of walking around Ikea and shuffling particleboard furniture into place.

love a good ikea trek!


Friday: I hit the pool again for 30 minutes of swimming, followed by a 30 minute stint on the spin bike to try to flush the last of the soreness out of my legs a little bit. I then stretched and foam rolled, did a few rounds of crunches for good measure, and headed downtown for birthday drinks!

when your drink and your purse match… birthday miracle!


Saturday: I went to the mall with my friend, which felt like fitness? Just kidding, I managed 45 minutes on a spin bike while watching GOT on my phone, day 3 of my arm challenge, and some planks. Not too bad for the day after a night out;)


Sunday: 60 minute spin class that KICKED MY BOOTY, then day 4 of the arm challenge, and my glute workout. Now I’m headed out to a park with some friends.


My goal for next week is to move from 8lb to 10lb weights for the arm challenge, and work up to 5 minutes of continuous jogging! I’m also hoping to make it to at least one barre or yoga class; my flexibility is a little rough right now, and I’m trying to work some good stretches into my routine.

Now You Tell Me…

  • Anyone else obsessed with Game of Thrones right now? I’m re-watching season 1, and it’s giving me so much insight into the current season! 
  • Has anyone else done walk/running when building up stamina after an injury, or when you’re just getting into the groove of running? Tips for timing it out? 
  • QUAD SORENESS is really killing me right now… every time I try to build some strength in my upper legs, i end up not being able to walk down stairs for 3 days. Any tips out there? Exercises I can try?

13 Replies to “This Week in Workouts: Injury Recovery Edition!”

  1. I enjoyed your post and admire your focus.

    As far as the quad soreness, try massage and then walking followed by light stretching. Maybe that will help.

    1. Oh my goodness Erica I wish you the speediest recovery! I felt so bummed when I first found out I had a stress fracture. But the recovery time went quick and I learned a lot about my body:)

  2. what a great post, really enjoyed reading about what you did – and how it felt. I had knee surgery last year and tbh I don’t think I will run again – I wasn’t ever a serious runner but it’s galling to know that you actually can’t even if you wanted to! My whole left side of my body is weaker now, i concentrate on body-weight exercises and walking to stay fit. I might try swimming as you do, is it effective as running would you say?

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your knee!! I personally felt more toned when I was running, but the swimming kept me in EXCELLENT cardio-vascular shape; my resting heart rate didn’t suffer at all from the time I spent in the pool as opposed to running:)

  3. Good post. I’ll be traveling soon for the next few weeks and will have to do creative exercises since I wont have my gym to go to. We will have access to a pool so I plan to incorporate swimming as much as possible.

    As far as Game of Thrones…OMG, I really love it. Just wait until your favorite characters die off or change. I have a love-hate relationship with the series for that reason. Who would you say is your favorite character so far?

    1. Happy travels, lashaun! And I am a huge arya stark fan but she’s really getting a little scary this season! And I have to admit I was happy to see gendry again- I always wondered what happened to him!!

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