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Life, Running / Monday, August 21st, 2017

Hi Friends:)


I’ve come to accept that my weekly workout posts are more about holding myself accountable than anything else. Aside from following a training plan, I’ve never kept a very detailed list of my workouts; typically I hit the gym and forget what I did there as soon as I leave that day. But writing this has gotten me thinking about how I can be more structured and intentional with my workouts, and I think that’s a pretty cool direction to be moving in.

So here’s how my fitness went this week:

Monday: I went to a light weight/high rep training class called Body Sculpt at my gym. Last week this workout left me so sore I could barely move. This week I felt much stronger! I also opted to walk rather than drive to dinner with a friend later that evening. I listened to Pandora while I was walking, and discovered this amazing tune.


Tuesday: I went to a 60 minute spin class, and it was AWESOME. The instructor was super enthusiastic and the music was awesome. It’s amazing what a fun instructor and some good music can do for a spin class. I also did one of my “arm challenge” routines afterwards:) Loved this classic workout anthem during the hills section of class.

Wednesday: I accidentally went way too hard on Wednesday. Let me explain; I really wanted to swim when I woke up, but I was already signed up for a Body Sculpt class. So I decided LETS DO BOTH! Then after 30 minutes of freestyle and a 60 minute resistance-band centric Body Sculpt class, I decided to go tune up my old bike and take a little ride. THEN I got a call from the lovely 11-year old I mentor asking to go swimming and I was like SURE, so I swam and played with her for another hour. It was all so fun, but I was so tired. So, so tired. Which is why…


Thursday: I sat around on a beach with my friend, read an entire book (The Hate U Give) and forced myself to go to a Barre class after dinner.


Friday: Friday was not my best day. I was not feeling too motivated to work out AT ALL. I managed to get to the gym in the evening, though, and tried 10 minutes of continuous running on the treadmill at a low speed (6.0 for me) to see how it felt. I switched to the elliptical and did another 30 minutes of cardio, plus an “arm challenge” workout with 10lb weights. PROGRESS! I also grooved to this song while simultaneously reading a YA novel on the elliptical.


Saturday: My first almost real jog in over 10 weeks! I alternated 10 minutes of running/5 minutes of walking for a total of 3 miles running! I kept my speed slow and LOVED being out in the sunshine again.

That said, I’m quickly learning that running after a stress fracture can be really nerve wracking, especially when you’re following a pain-mediated approach. You basically spend the whole run thinking “What was that twinge? Was that pain? Is my fracture coming back?” That thought process runs through the entire next day or two, too, which doesn’t always make you want to get out there.  For me it’s been important to remind myself that I have made all the positive changed I could have since being diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture. I’m eating better, my hormones are (almost) regulated, I’m sleeping more, and I’m cross training more often and more effectively than I was last spring. I’m even diffusing essential oils because I read somewhere that keeps the stress hormone, cortisol, levels down, and cortisol has been very, very loosely linked to stress fractures. I’ve done everything I can, and my doctor says I am ready to run; now it’s just a matter of me overcoming my anxiety and rebuilding my confidence in my own body.

Usually I listen to a lot of Iggy Azalea and The Chainsmokers when I run, but I’ve been loving The Lumineers Station on Pandora lately, and loved this song during my jog:) More relaxing music is helping me stay relaxed, and it’s also helping me hold on to an easy pace while I am recovering.


Sunday: Firstly, no soreness from running on Saturday! 45 minutes of swimming, plus a nice walk around town.

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