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Life, Reading, Running / Friday, August 25th, 2017


Hi Friends:)

I’ve been fully, fully enjoying my last full week of vacation before heading back to work next Wednesday. It’s been a super long time since I did a Friday Favorites post, so I thought I’d put one together to recap this week:)

  • This J Crew Factory top that I am so excited to wear once I go back to school! I love the embroidery so, so much. 
  • I gave up dairy for a lot of last year in the hopes of curing my adult acne. Now that I’ve discovered proactiv+, clarisonic, and the miracle that is balance hormones, I can eat yogurt without breaking out again!! This is also good since I need to be taking in more calcium while my body continues to recover from my stress fracture. I am LOVING these Oikos Triple Zero yogurts. I typically stick with unflavored yogurts, but this week I was craving sweets and this is one of the cleaner ways to calm that craving. 
  • How had I forgotten about band stretching? Back in college, my trainer used to have me band stretch almost every day. I stumbled across an old theraband while I was cleaning and organizing this week, and it’s been so helpful for working out tightness and soreness. If you’ve got tight hamstrings, hips, or IT bands, you should grab a strap, theraband, or resistance band and give band stretching a try! 
  • I graduated to 12lb weights and met my goal for the arm challenge last weekend, and I decided to launch into a few weeks of guided strength training through Jamie Eason’s Livefit. I used this program years and years ago when I got my first ever gym membership, and found that it was really effective. I don’t follow her diet plan to the letter, but I am trying to keep my carb intake moderate and eating small, protein-rich mini-meals every 3-ish hours. I love how guided her workouts are, too. It’s been a while since I had a trainer creating workouts for me (ah, college) so having a structured program with videos and tips within the Livefit app has been really helpful. 
  • This week I read The Love That Split The World Apart, which is a work of magical realism by Emily Henry. This story mixes Native American folktales, time travel, and alternate realities with teen drama and romance, and it was pretty compelling throughout. Look out for a full-length review coming some time next week! 
  • Sigh, my final Friday favorite is just…summer life. I have so, so loved being able to wake up when I want to, do whatever kind of fitness I want to, see friends when I want to…I am so excited to head back to work next week and see my kiddos the following week, but it is bittersweet. 

So there you have it; this week’s Friday favorites! I hope your Friday and the rest of your weekend goes swimmingly:) Look out for my This “Week in Workouts” post on Monday Morning!

Now You Tell Me…

  • What are you loving this week?
  • Anyone else already missing summer?
  • Book recommendations? I’m just starting “I am Malala,” and I’m hoping to find a romancy page-turner after that:) 

17 Replies to “Friday Faves!”

  1. I’m loving summer although today my 4 year old daughter asked to put Christmas carols on and make a Christmas craft haha – so now looking forward to winter too. I’m currently reading 8 books! But none are fictional – I always need to learn more about everything. x

    1. Summer with a 4 year old must be equal parts fun and exhausting! I hope you rocked out to some Christmas carols in late august:) let me know how all those books are! Have a great day Jami!

  2. I should give band stretching a go! I’ve just been doing regular stretching after runs, but my hamstrings are still really tight and hurt sometimes…that book looks awesome, can’t wait for you review:) thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting items! I’ve heard of people giving up milk because of their skin, and one, in particular, said that it didn’t help at all, so she thinks might be sugar what causes her to break out, I’ll tell her about this yogurt!

    1. Sugar could definitely be the culprit! For me it definitely is part of the puzzle, as well. Thanks for stopping by Cynthia!!

  4. I was reading your post thinking,”Oh my gosh, look at how fit she is.” Haha. I need to step away from my laptop and get a little more disciplined. Blogging has been my excuse for putting exercise on hold!

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