This Week in Workouts+ Meal Prep Adventures!

Life, Running / Monday, September 11th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

Last week was nuts. Like, completely bonkers. The fact that I was able to sort of keep up with my fitness goals throughout the week was nothing if not a miracle.

I visited family in Toronto, Canada for the long weekend, and for some god forsaken reason I decided to drive. (Well, I know the reason…have you ever looked at the price of flights for a holiday weekend?!?) It was a 9 hour drive, so I tried to alight one of those days on the road to my rest day; I worked out really hard the day before I left for the trip, and it was kind of nice to be forced into a full-on rest day.

Monday: I hit the gym right after I got back to Boston on Monday afternoon. Like, I literally ended my 9-hour drive from Toronto to Boston with a workout. My YMCA was closed for labor day, so I hit up a local gym that offers cheap day passes. This rando gym was mostly empty and I had a blast setting up my little weight area exactly how I wanted it with no fear of judgement. I did the Week 3/Day1 LiveFit Trainer Leg routine, and it was really challenging! Week 3 introduces a few new movements into the cycle to keep your body guessing. I especially loved the emphasis on hamstring strength in this new workout. I also spend a half hour on a spin bike before heading home.

Tuesday: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Tuesday was nuts. I do a ton of walking as a special education teacher, and my body is still getting used to it. I hit the elliptical for 30 minutes after school in an effort to get some low-impact 5k training into my week. I then did a back and biceps weight routine, which felt great! I went to bed at like, 8pm, because I’m super cool.

Wednesday: Kept it simple; 30 minutes on the spin bike, then a chest and triceps lift. This is an area where I’m seeing a lot of progress, which is exciting! My weights are getting heavier and my arms are feeling stronger these days:)n

Thursday: 30 minutes of east elliptical, then another leg lift. This phase of the LiveFit Trainer includes two days of leg workouts, so I had to really stay on top of my nightly stretching routine (which maybe I should do a post about? let me know!) Best progress, though; I finally learned how to use the sliding squat bar at my gym! Huzzah!
Don’t judge me.

Friday: For the first time ever, the weight room at my YMCA was totally empty while I did my “Delts & Abs” routine on Friday. I was so flipping excited.  I was also so, so tired. Also, sore. So sore. I skipped out on cardio after my lift and decided that Saturday had to be a real rest day.

Saturday: Rest day!! Wahoo.

Sunday: 3 mile jog, and many, many pounds of laundry. Does anyone else count laundry as a workout? Just me?

Also on Sunday, I meal prepped for my first full week of the school year! Last week my lunches were SERIOUSLY sub-par. Like, yogurt and granola-bar sub-par.

So on Sunday I started by throwing some chicken breasts into the slow cooker with a little bit of pesto sauce. Words cannot describe how amazing my apartment smelled while this was cooking! 3 hours on high made the most tender, delicious shredded chicken to add to salad this week! I also added basil roasted red peppers, zucchini, and some sun dried tomatoes to my salad this week.


Then, I chopped up some tomatoes and peppers and tucked them into a muffin tin with some egg whites for a quck breakfast option before morning workouts. I baked them for 20 minutes at 350 and they taste great!


I also knew that this week I’d need some treats to get by. I decided to try to make some black bean brownies! Now, let me warn you: this is not a cooking blog because I measure nothing when I cook and that makes for a pretty crappy recipe. For these high-protein brownies, I basically combined one can of well rinsed black beans, some oat flour, two heaping spoonfuls of dark chocolate cocoa powder, egg whites, two scoops of chocolate Vega protein powder, a little cocoanut oil, a little baking powder, a spoonful of sugar, another swirl of maple syrup, and a lot of love. They definitely taste healthier than regular brownies, but they’re still so delicious and I recommend you try them if you’re curious!

Now You Tell Me….

  • Any great meal prep suggestions? 
  • Got any great recipes for healthy treats? I’m hearing good things about making blondies with white beans…
  • I’M RUNNING MY FIRST POST_INJURY RACE NEXT WEEKEND!! Send me song suggestions!! 

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  1. I love pesto and chicken in the crock pot! It’s a great addition to pasta meals as well and it makes getting dinner ready so simple since you just have to cook the pasta. Way to get a workout in after a 12 hour drive! I am never able to motivate myself to workout after a long car ride.

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