This Week in Workouts+ Thoughts on Rest Time

Life, Running / Monday, September 25th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

As I mentioned in my last post, this past week got off to a rocky start. I came down with a virus and not only was I not able to run the 5k I’d set my sights on as my triumphant return to racing, but I also was feeling a bit of a lingering ache in my formerly-fractured leg that gave me a bit of a pause. I decided to take a week off from my LiveFit program and later put some more thought into adapting it for my individual needs.

I decided to ease back into exercise starting on Tuesday, and I had barely moved since the previous Thursday. The rest did my body good, though, and I was able to have a great week of lower-impact exercise. Now I’m ready to jump back into LiveFit and run a different 5k with my friends in 2 weeks!

Here’s how last week, my “recovery week,” stacked up.


Tuesday: A nice, meditative 30 minutes of swimming.

Wednesday: 45 minutes of swimming with some speed thrown in there!

Thursday: A 4 mile hike at my favorite trail:)


Friday: 45 minutes of swimming, plus some great stretching and ab work.

Saturday: I went to NYC this weekend, and literally walked 8 miles exploring with my friends on Saturday!

Sunday: Started my day with an early run along my old route in Central Park. 3 pain free miles with a few photo and selfie stops thrown in there. Then I hit up Brooklyn and the High Line Park for some more nostalgia. More on this in my next travel post!!


It is so, so hard for me to slow down my lifestyle, even when my body is sending me every possible signal that it needs some rest and relaxation. See, I spent so many years making excuses and not meeting my goals. Then I grew some grit and started pushing through my moments of laziness and anxiety… and it was awesome! At first, that is.

Science has proven that you brain gives up far before your body does. This was true for me for the majority of my life, but somewhere between my 5th half marathon and my first full marathon, I trained my brain to never, ever, ever give up. This led me to some really amazing times, so wonderful distances, and some very happy achievements. It also led to the worst injuries I’ve ever had and some of the lowest lows I could have imagined.

The name of the game this year is balance. I know that I’ll choose couch time and Nexflix over long runs if I don’t push myself at all. But I also know that never taking rest days and never pressing pause on a training run that’s feeling unjustifiably painful is not the way to go.

I was so, so sad when I realized I was too sick and too achy to run last week’s measly little 5k. I mean, last year I ran one half on a sprained ankle and another two on terrible shin-splints-turned-stress-fracture and thought I was tough. What I was was maybe a little bit delusional.

Your body needs to be pushed, but it also needs to be rewarded for the push. It needs rest. It needs relaxation. And it needs to be listened to.

So when your body gives you a signal, LISTEN.

Even when it’s hard.

Even when you already paid for the race entry.

Even when you’ve got your outfit all picked out.



Now You Tell Me…

  • Any great workouts on tap this week?
  • How do you deal with needing to take time off from working out? 
  • Fave netflix show right now?

2 Replies to “This Week in Workouts+ Thoughts on Rest Time”

  1. It’s great you were able to run pain free on Sunday, especially after watching so much on Saturday! My workout for the week that will be really killer is the 800s I have tomorrow. I’ve been rewatching “Burn Notice” and love it! It’s about a spy who’s identity was blown (burned) and he’s figuring out who did it and why.

    1. Oooo that sounds right up my alley- I’ve been really into suspenseful shows lately! And I haven’t done 800s since I first started running… they are killer! Good luck and treat yourself to something delicious for the effort:)

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