The Great Coffee Debate

Life, Running / Friday, October 27th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

A weird thing happened to me recently.

I woke up one morning, and I felt repulsed by the idea of drinking coffee.

This is SO not my normal. I got hooked on caffeine as a teenager; I started drinking a cup of tea each morning in the 8th grade, and that escalated to morning coffee by late high school. I’ve been a daily coffee drinker ever since. I have made valiant attempts to break the habit ever since, but they always last a week or so then I drift back into the sweet, sweet embrace of a skinny vanilla latte.

But this time has been different. I’ve (for some reason) stopped enjoying the taste of coffee. I’ve been getting a little caffeine boost from green tea, instead, which I’m liking a lot right now.

Coffee’s impact on the body has been heavily debated in the health world over the years. And as an avid health news reader, I have seen so, so many studies that address coffee’s effects on the body. I have also had a lot of positive and negative experiences with coffee in my own life. SO I thought I’d crunch some of these details and experiences down in this post.

Positives of Drinking Coffee:

  • Energy: This one is so obvious, I know, but seriously; coffee provides me a jolt of energy when I’m behind on my sleep. Studies have also shown that it can help athletes perform better.
  • Helps Me… Prepare to Run: SO, anyone who runs knows that a critical part of getting out the door for that jog or long run is like…making sure your intestines are ready to be bounced around. Coffee helps facilitate this process.
  • Fun Social Thing: I like going to Starbucks with my friends. I enjoy PSL selfies. Coffee is fun. Coffee is social. Coffee is a good first date idea because it’s mid-day, low-pressure, and you don’t have to fill too much time with awkward conversation.
  • Antioxidants: Coffee beans do contain many antioxidants, which have health benefits.
  • Gives Me An Excuse to Relax in the Morning: My dad always taught me to wake up early and spend every morning “as if you are on vacation.” That means hanging out in PJ’s, on the couch, sipping on some hot coffee and watching some morning news. Without coffee in my morning, I can really just grab a cereal bar and run out the door in the morning, which is efficient but doesn’t set me up too well for the day ahead.


Negatives of Drinking Coffee:

  • Yucky Brown Teeth: My teeth are so much whiter now!
  • Sometimes Causes GI Distress: Sorry to bring it back to the toilet, guys, but coffee is a major trigger for people with a sensitive gut, IBD, and IBS.
  • May Contribute to Osteoperosis: I only recently read this one in a health news article, but it caught my eye. As someone who is pretty sensitive to my bone health after a nearly-catastrophic injury, I feel like this risk is just not one I should take.
  • Makes me Crave Sweets: I love something carby with my coffee. Like, truly love it. And it’s hard to avoid some sugary snack
  • Addiction: On the few occasions when I went without coffee in the last few years, I’ve struggled with terrible withdrawal headaches. This scares the crap out of me because I hate feeling like I am so dependent on a substance to feel alive. I also hate that I seemed to need more and more of the stuff each day as time went on; I was up to 4 cups a day recently, and it was nuts.


I don’t know if my friendship with coffee is truly over, but I do know that the negatives seem to outweigh the positives here. I’m hoping I can stick with just a little bit of green tea each morning like I have been for the last few weeks. But if the day comes where I just really crave a latte…I’d probably stop by my local ‘bucks and grab one.

So maybe this isn’t a goodbye; it could just be a see you later.

Now You Tell Me…

  • Are you a coffee lover?
  • Any tasty tea recommendations? I’ve been sticking with plain green tea so far, but it could get boring eventually. 
  • Any big plans this weekend?!? TELL ME ABOUT THEM!! 

2 Replies to “The Great Coffee Debate”

  1. I learned to love coffee during nursing school. I continued my love while working and studying through graduate school. I started off with black coffee and discovered milky coffee. Maybe 3 cups a day? Skipping one day of coffee gave me migraines. I finally weaned myself off coffee after noticing my shortness of breath and GERD diagnosis. Now I just drink tea and avoid coffee because the feeling that I can’t breathe isn’t worth its taste. 😁

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