Marathon Training Monday #3

Life, Running / Monday, November 6th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

Firstly: HOW AMAZING IS IS THAT SHALENE FLANAGAN WON THE NYC MARATHON THIS WEEKEND?!?! I am a huge fan of Shalene. She’s such a hard worker, and such a positive human. I also love, love LOVE her cookbook, Run Fast. Eat Slow. If you’re an athletic person looking for some fun cooking ideas that directly align with what you’re working on physically, then this is a great book to check out!!

Secondly: I’ve got a quick update on marathon (pre) training this week!

Despite the fact that my week was a little bit kooky, I managed to fit some amazing training sessions in there.

Here’s how the schedule panned out.

  • Monday: 2 mile run, and I had to skip my strength training session because my gym was flooded after the big storm that came through Boston on Sunday night.
  • Tuesday: 40 minutes of swimming, then I snuck fun sized candy bars all evening while giving out candy to trick or treaters.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles running, LiveFit Back/Arms/Abs workout
  • Thursday: 3 BEAUTIFUL miles at the park, LiveFit Quads/Calves workout
  • Friday: 30 minutes Spinning, Livefit Chest/Delts/Abs workout
  • Saturday: 6 miles running!!
    • Total Weekly Miles: 14

My long runs are becoming ACTUALLY LONG now! So exciting!

Like I noted above, my Thursday run was at my favorite place in my hometown, Millennium Park.

Millennium is on the northwest edge of the Boston city limits, and it was built on a retired landfill. Most visitors to Boston stick to the downtown area, but I really think this amazing park is worth a little drive out to the fringe.

There are miles and miles of trails, some of which run through wooded areas. The views are incredible, and I love practicing my hills there and knowing that I have the reward of a seriously magical vista at the top.

Having running routes that I love is a huge part of my motivation to train. I’ve talked a lot on my instagram about this; I love feeling my my own little feet can take me absolutely anywhere. When I wasn’t able to run over the summer, I missed this feeling so much. I’m planning a post about finding ideal running routes, so check back later this week for that:)

ALSO if you’re interested and able, please consider donating to my Boston Marathon fundraiser! I am running with the Brigham and Women’s Stepping Strong Team, and all the money I raise will go towards supporting the amazing Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Trauma Center, which does incredible work creating and implementing innovative treatments for traumatic injuries.

Now You Tell Me…

  • What’s your favorite place to run?
  • How do you motivate yourself to get active when your schedule is NUTS? 

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