Best Binge Watching Shows for After Your Long Runs

Life / Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

I love reading, writing, and running, obviously.

But lets be real, I am not immune to the glory that is Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Marathon training is tough, and it often feels like my life is spent one of three places: At work, running, or on the couch. The way I see it, if I have to take a rest day and chill on the couch after a long run, I may as well watch something totally fabulous while I let my muscles recover.

Here are my top picks for binging on a rest day!

10. Jane the Virgin: I am still only on season 2 of this show, but it was my favorite for watching after all my training runs last year. I am solidly on #teamrafael and I don’t care what anyone thinks or what actually happens in subsequent seasons or ANYTHING because RAFAEL IS KING. Also if I had to pick one actress to be really good friends with, it would absolutely be Gina Rodriguez. She is just so lovely and genuine. 

9. Game of Thrones: I get that this is not on Amazon or Netflix. I get a HBO Now subscription whenever there’s a new season of GoT, and sometimes I’ll hook it up for an extra month or two here and there if I’m really craving a dose of dragons. I’m putting this on the lesser side of my list because not only is HBO pricy, but it takes a lot of brain power to keep track of all the names and places in Westeros, and I often don’t have much brain power left after running 10+ miles. That said, I’ve already seen all the episodes and re-watching is much easier on the neurons than watching for the first time. 

8. The Office: I have seen every episode of The Office several times over. My family and I absolutely, positively love it. On the holidays, after I finish my Turkey Trots or Holiday Hustles or whatever, I often settle in with my dad and brothers and pound out a few of the holiday specials before I help set the table. Beni Hana Christmas 4EVA!

7. Victoria: I love British history. I really, really do. I also love this show. ITV is a British network that is a little like the CW; not known for it’s classiness, but somehow it often seems to produce some amazing content. Victoria is no different. This show focuses around Victoria’s first years as a teenage queen and her love story with Prince Albert. I love learning little tidbits about how parliament worked back then, and how historical events I’d only ever learned about from an American perspective hit Britain. The first season is just 8 episodes, so it’s easy to push through in just a few days…as I definitely did. 

6. 30 Rock: I have also seen every episode of this several times over. I have never met a character I relate to more than Liz Lemon. 30 Rock is perfect for when you want to be able to nap a little during your binge, so you don’t want to watch anything too involved plot-wise. Tiny Fey is funny no matter whether you’re fully conscious or not! 

5. Crazy Ex Girlfriend: Like Jane the Virgin, I’m still working on this one. I flipping love the musical numbers in this show and I really think Rachel Bloom is a genius. As cringe-worthy as the main character’s dating antics might be, I sometimes relate to them so hard and end up laughing my pants off for hours every time I put an episode of this on.

4. The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt: I was once told that this show was made for me. Once I watched it, I fully agreed. The Plot: Kimmy spent most of her childhood living in an underground bunker as part of a cult; now that she’s out, she moves to New York City and has all kinds of adventures! Ellie Kemper is great as Kimmy, and all of the other bizarre characters she meets in New York are also so fun to watch. If you haven’t watched the music video for Pinot Noir yet…then you’re welcome.

3. The Crown: More British history, but a bit more modern this time! This Netflix masterpiece is beautifully done and wonderfully layered. I really enjoyed watching this series last spring, as it gave me even more insight into how Queen Elizabeth II became the somewhat magical institution she is today. It’s super interesting to watch a young queen navigate so many different tensions and issues. I was especially captivated by the episode about the toxic fog that rolled into London shortly after Elizabeth became queen. This show, like a few others on this list, takes some brain power to watch, so it might not be great for after a really brutal run. But it really is so, so great and I am planning to re-watch it soon.

2. Parks and Rec: I will always want Leslie Knope to be my boss. Always. I am a huge Amy Poehler fan; I remember staying up to watch her on SNL when I was in high school, and I devoured her book a few years back. Parks and Rec is such a fun, woman-centric, uplifting show. It’s funny and still smart, and it’s fun to re-watch episodes because you notice new layers of humor with every viewing.

1. Stranger Things: I have watched both seasons so many times. And thats saying alot because the second season has only been out for like, 2 weeks. I love this show. I think the kids are so talented and adorable, and the plot is so original and compelling. Eleven has got to be one of the most unique characters ever to hit the small screen, and I am forever fascinated by her. I watched both seasons in less than 48 hours each, and now I like re-watching my favorite episodes here and there.


As you can see, I am all about the girl power. I also have a real love for smart comedy, so you won’t see a whole lot of West Wing or House of Cards on my watchlist, as fabulous as they may be. I have so many shows that I love and I just keep going back to; I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about my streaming tastes!

Now You Tell Me…

  • What are your favorite shows to binge watch?
  • Do you ever re-watch episodes or series that you loved?

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