Marathon Training Monday #5 + Finding YOUR Speed

Life, Running / Monday, November 20th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

This past week was one of the toughest I’ve had schedule-wise in a while! Lucky for me, positivity was embedded in every task I had to check off my list. So even though I was running from one place to another all week, I still felt…happy. And hopeful. And, like, sniffly, but that’s not a big deal.

It was a good, if congested, week.

Here’s how things went down workout wise…

  • Monday: LiveFit Quads/Calves/Hamstrings/Glutes Workout
  • Tuesday: 3 mile treadmill jog + LiveFit Back/Arms/Abs Workout
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run + LiveFit Chest/Delts workout
  • Thursday: 3 mile run + LiveFit Chest & Delts Workout
  • Friday: 40 Minutes Swimming + LiveFit Back & Biceps Workout
  • Saturday: 7 miles running @ 9:55 pace
  • Sunday: Yoga and Baking:)
    • Weekly Total Milage: 16

On Wednesday, I had to head in town to attend my first Stepping Strong Team Meeting. It was so great to hear more about the charity I’m running to support. They even gave out some swag that I’m excited to wear for our first team run in 2 weeks.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at my pace on my longer runs.

See, speed has always been an issue for me. I was on the slower end of the spectrum even in high school, when I ran the 1 and 2 mile events on the track team.

Then last year I decided to push myself, and dropped from my familiar 9:30 minute miles to 8:30’s. This in itself wasn’t bad; it’s okay to work towards a quicker race pace. What was bad was that I found it really hard to hold back and run an easy pace during any of my training runs. I was pounding out 8:30’s every. single. afternoon. So by the time race day rolled around…I got injured.

When I started running again after my stress fracture, my pace was painfully slow. Like, there were jogs when I honestly wondered if I could walk faster. I was logging 11:45 minute miles for the first month. But I told myself over and over not to feel ashamed; I knew I needed to be very patient. No matter what I saw on social media.

See, I love reading other runner’s blogs and following their Instagrams.It gives me so much motivation to see what other strong ladies are doing out there. But to be honest, most runners who have sites like this are WAYYYYYYY faster than I will ever be. I’m not a natural, guys. I just enjoy running, and work hard at it.

Part of why I wanted to start blogging about running was because I haven’t found too many runners like me on social media; ladies with lots of heart but no sponsorships and no PR’s worth posting in their Instagram bios. I think it’s important to see that runners come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds.

My last few runs have felt amazing; pain-free and smooth, just like old times. I finally decided to start tracking my speed (rather than just distance) again, and was excited to see that I’ve found my way back to my 9:30 minute miles. I still see all these amazing Instagram runners posting their sub-8 minute miles in their perfect Lululemon ensembles, but I don’t feel the pressure to push myself into a speed category that simply isn’t right for me anymore.

I believe that everyone has their own individual, ideal speed. Mine is between a 9 and a 9:30 mile; Jordan Hasay’s is like the speed of sound or something. And both of those things is a-okay.

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, and are excited for a short week and an amazing turkey day!!

Now You Tell Me…

  • How do you stay true to yourself despite what social media shows you? 
  • Fave way to improve your speed? 
  • What was your favorite workout this past week? 


2 Replies to “Marathon Training Monday #5 + Finding YOUR Speed”

  1. Great job with building up your mileage! I try to run long run paces a LOT slower than normal..but I naturally tend to start out slow and gradually speed up throughout the run.
    I don’t have too much trouble staying true to myself even with social media because I remind myself that it’s so easy to edit pictures, etc.
    Enjoy your day 🙂

  2. It’s so important to vary paces and run some slow recovery miles every week. Just keep that in mind for your training runs so you don’t get injured again 🙂
    I think it’s important to realize that yes, some people are faster and started out that way naturally, some people just worked hard to get their paces faster! I don’t want to feel “ashamed” of my paces if they are what some consider slow since some runners may consider my paces fast for them.

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