Marathon Training Monday #6: The Holiday Slide + An Almost Injury

Life / Monday, November 27th, 2017

Hi Friends!

I’ve so enjoyed my little break from blogging and like, being a chill person for the past few days! It’s been amazing to have a little extra time to spend with friends and family throughout the long weekend.

Turkey Trottin, 2017. Only a dad would take a picture from a low angle…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but it’s also a little unnerving that that it marks the beginning of the more stressful Christmas season. For me, the Christmas season is packed full of obligations that I’ve got to stack atop my already demanding schedule. I’ve got no less than 6 holiday parties coming up- sometimes multiple in one day. Holiday shopping has already taken a bite out of my checking account. My sleep, diet and fitness schedule get totally thrown off every December, and that leaves me feeling just generally out of whack.

It’s HARD to get through the holidays for so many reasons! The holiday slide is a real thing, and even somewhat put together people like myself experience it. 

This week was no exception. From start to finish this week has been just a little bit off. Here’s how it happened fitness-wise…

  • Monday: 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: 30 Minutes Spinning + Livefit Back and Abs
  • Wednesday: 30 Minutes Elliptical + Livefit Arms and Abs
  • Thursday: Turkey Trot 5k
  • Friday: 30 Minutes Elliptical + Livefit Legs
  • Saturday: 55 minute Spin Class+ Livefit Chest and Calves
  • Sunday: 3 mile jog + Livefit Delts workout
    • Total Weekly Milage: 9

As you can see, I kept my milage lower this week. This was an intentional decision that I made for two main reasons.

First, I am a little a head of myself as far as marathon training goes. I chose to sort of create my own 24-week training plan, and I’m aligning that to my team’s 18-week training schedule. My first team run is in two weeks, and that will be a 6-miler. I’m already up to 7 miles at a time, and I want to be careful not to overtrain (which is something I have done in the past.)

Second, and less positive…I twisted my ankle on Monday. I was running with a group of students from the DreamFar High School Marathon Team at my school, and I missed the edge of a sidewalk because it had been covered in leaves. I’ve already sprained that ankle (badly) before, and I wear a brace on it for running, so I had some support keeping me from going all the way down. I shook it off and finished our 3-miler, but I woke up the next morning with some definite soreness. It’s a lot better now, but it was a super scary moment.

I think these lower-milage weeks are going to be an essential part of my training calendar this year. I’ve always struggled to take rest days (and weeks) when I really need them, and I’m trying really hard to listen to my body and let it heal as need be.

I’m running on the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Stepping Strong Boston Marathon team, and our training plan was designed by a coach named John Furey. The plan we’re following includes some lower-milage long runs, which is helpful for keeping me on track! There are 20 weeks left to go before Boston… 

And I’m hoping to be as ready as I can possibly be!

Now You Tell Me…

  • Do you take rest days/weeks?
  • If so, how do you know when to take them?
  • Any other turkey rotters out there?!? I’ll do a full race recap on Thursday:) 



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  1. I’m glad that your ankle is feeling better! I love fall running because of cooler temperatures but hate it since leaves cover up crack/curbs/sticks, etc.
    Turkey Trots for the win! I love getting out for some exercise before stuffing my face later that day lol.

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