Marathon Training Monday #7: That Cross-Training Lyfe!

Life, Running / Monday, December 4th, 2017

Hi Friends,

Firstly, I have LOVED not having to do two-a-days to get through my LiveFit workouts all this week. I slept past 6 for like, three days in a row, and it was magical. I went Christmas shopping on a weeknight, rather than playing weight-machine Tetris with all the other lifters at my gym.

That said, I’m going to be hitting the weight room again this week to get my strength training on. Just twice, though; once on Monday night, after my 3 mile jog to do some Leg work, and again on Wednesday afternoon to do some arms and abs. I’m super excited to be strengthening my muscles but not feeling totally overwhelmed and over scheduled.

This week was just okay for me running-wise. I was a little achy, so I stuck to three runs for the week. I did a ton of cross training, though, which is kind of becoming my new normal.

  • Monday: 3 mile run + Livefit Delts workout
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes swimming
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run on the tredmill
  • Thursday: 45 minute Spin Class
  • Friday: 30 minutes elliptical
  • Saturday: 7 mile run
  • Sunday: 40 minutes swimming
    • Total Weekly Milage: 14

Lots of cross training happened this week, as you can see. Last year I cut down on my cross training to fit more running into my schedule, and I’m totally sure this contributed to my injury in the spring. I’ve found that my speed and stamina actually don’t get better if I’m running 4-6 days a week as opposed to when I am running 3-4 days a week plus cross training.

One thing the running coach for my team has been emphasizing is that most (mediocre…like me) runners thrive on just 3 days of running per week while training for a marathon. This is especially true when you’re training for Boston, because it’s a hilly and overall challenging course; you need to train like a whole athlete for those kinds of conditions. And the only way to do that is to balance your workout time between alllll kinds of different activities.

I’ve set a goal for myself to swim, spin, strength train, and get to a yoga class each week from now until Marathon Monday. I’m sure I’ll have a few crazy weeks where these things just won’t happen. But I’ve got high hopes, friends!

I should also probably set a goal for myself to let go of my hatred of selfies so these posts aren’t so…boring? I’ve literally taken no pictures since Thanksgiving. I swear I’ll have more photos- and more to chat about- next week!


Now You Tell Me…

  • What’s your favorite way to cross-train?
  • Any tips on selfie taking? I just feel like selfies make me look like the worst version of myself. 
  • Anyone else out there training for a spring marathon?!?

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