Teacher Tuesday: Things I Find Thrilling That Non-Teachers Do Not

Life, Reading / Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

This past weekend I threw my annual Friendsmas Potluck Party & Yankee Swap. I had so much fun with all my friends, swapping our favorite recipes and catching up. I also was super excited for whoever received my swap gift of a line-a-day journal and a set of FABULOUS Papermate Flair Pens!!!

Thankfully one of my teacher friends picked my gift, because everyone else in the room seemed pretty ho-hum about it.

See, there are things that I find so, so satisfying because I am an educator. And my friends who do other things…they just don’t get it. So I thought I’d create a list of things that are very thrilling for me, but that probably seem not-so-thrilling to people who work outside of the classroom.

  1. Colorful Pens. All of the colorful pens. Inkjoys, G2’s, Flair Pens. All of them. All of the colors.
  2. The joy of re-organizing a messy backpack/desk, and transforming it into a color-coded masterpiece. This is a huge part of my life as a high school resource room teacher, and it brings me so much satisfaction!
  3. Dollar Stores/Target Dollar Spot/ Walmart. When you need to buy multiples of all the things you need in your classroom, these places are literally your only option. My classroom is fueled on dollar store containers, Walmart brand art supplies, and Target Dollar Spot is where all of my fun decor items come from. These places are some of my favorite to visit, and I frequent them in times of trouble, especially.
  4. Thin Tip Dry Erase Markers. Don’t settle for the thick ones, guys. Thin tip expos are WHERE IT’S AT!
  5. Going To Bed at 8:30pm. Teacher’s generally work earlier hours than other professions. I am at work by 7:25am each morning, and I leave work around 4:30pm most afternoons. I love working out before work, so I often wake up at 5am…and sometimes even earlier. I need my sleep to deal with the children so 8:30pm is when I brush my teeth, wash up, and get into bed for some light reading and essential oil diffusing. Similarly…
  6. Eating Dinner at 5:45. I mean, my lunch break is usually at like 11am, so I am HUNGRY pretty early. Often times, if I am trying to coordinate dinner plans with a friend, they’re all like “How about 7:30?” and I’m like “How about two full hours before the time you suggested?”
  7. Wiping Down My Entire Classroom with Disinfecting Wipes. I try to do this once a week. Every table, desk, doorknob and drawer handle gets a good scrub down. And it makes me feel like I’m doing my part to prevent the spread of the cold and flu viruses.
  8. Getting Away With Wearing Leggings And A Big Sweater To Work 5 Days in A Row. It’s really rare that I don’t have at least one parent or supervisory meeting over the course of the week that requires me to dress slightly more professionally. But the weeks when I can rock a tunic top and ponte leggings all 5 days are literally the very best weeks. I just love being warm and comfortable.
  9. Highly Coordinated Bulletin Boards. I developed my love of bulletin boards back in college, when I was an Resident Assistant. I was a pretty bad RA, admittedly, but I redeemed myself with beautiful bulletin boards. What I lacked in event planning and social coordination I made up for in arts and crafts skills. Die-cut lettering and color-coordinated boardette makes Kerri a happy girl.
  10. Eating Lunch Without Multi-tasking. This one is probably applicable to other professions, but still. I almost never get to just eat my lunch and chat with co-workers or read articles online or anything. I often have students come to work with me during my lunch, or I need that time to catch up on backlogged emails and organizing student work.
  11. Being Able To Go To The Bathroom When I Have To Go. This was way worse when I taught middle school, because I literally could not leave my class- even my smaller groups- alone for 3 minutes to run to the bathroom. Now that I teach high school, most of my small groups can kind of handle themselves, so if I am super, super desperate I do duck out once in a while. That said, I FEEL SO GUILTY ABOUT IT.
  12. Checklists. I create checklists for every aspect of my own life, and I regularly create them for my students as well. Being able to itemize things that need to be done is extremely relaxing for me, and I believe for many others.
  13. Snow Days. Most adults hate Snow days because a.) their kids have no school, b.) They probably still have to drive through terrible conditions to get to their own jobs and c.) shoveling. Teachers are in a unique position of getting an extra day off every time there is over 8 inches of snow outside. I mean, I still have to shovel, but at least I don’t have to drive!
  14. YA Novels and Children’s Books. Sharing literature with young people is one of the most wonderful parts of my job. I absolutely love reading new and exciting young adult and children’s books, and then sharing those with the kids in my classes and family. It doesn’t hurt that childrens literature has come a long way in the past couple of years. I mean, if you weren’t completely obsessed with The Hunger Games or touched by Wonder, than you just aren’t truly human.
  15. When Staff Meetings End Early. Again, this one is probably applicable to other professions. But holy moly, I hate staff meetings so much. I am not an excellent listener and a full hour of announcements after a full day of teaching is just my idea of hell. Whenever we are released even 10 minutes early from our meetings, I am so elated.

Now You Tell Me..

  • What weird things are thrilling for you at work?
  • Anyone from jobs other than teaching relate to this list?
  • Any YA Lit recommendations? 

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  1. I’m not a teacher but I love colorful pens! I love color coding my planner so that’s the best thing ever. Something that gets me excited at work is work lunches. Free food that’s usually better than my typical homemade lunch is a win for me. If it’s on a Friday then I’m in heaven!

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