Teacher Tuesday: TEACHER GIFT GUIDE!!

Life / Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Hi Friends:)

A family member recently posted on facebook about teacher gift ideas, and all of her friends who were parents immediately posted “a mug and candy and/or cookies!”

Not tryna be rude, people, but a human only needs so many mugs. And I sure as heck don’t need any sweets. For me there’s also the added complication of having dietary restrictions, and you have no idea how awkward it is to explain your inflammatory bowel condition over a plate of Christmas cookies.

Let’s start off with what we DON’T want:

  • We don’t want sweets
  • We don’t want a mug
  • We don’t want any cosmetics
  • We don’t want baked goods
  • We don’t want you to feel obligated to give us anything! Seriously, teacher gifts are OPTIONAL.

Okay, so here are a few ideas of what we DO want.

Nice Water Bottle:
This might seem counterintuitive since I said not to get us a mug. However, I break and/or lose at least one water bottle a year, so I am always hunting for a new one. And in a profession that involves so much talking and so much movement, hydration is so, so important.

These are a teacher favorite! they’re great for grading and the colors are so, so fun. Teacher’s also lose pens like it’s their second job, so replenishing thier stash is always appreciated. This is also a super affordable gift; you could even get one pack and give each teacher a different color, and they’d still be thrilled.

Vera Bradley Lanyard:
I love my lanyard, guys. I keep my ID, keys, keychain hand sanitizer, and a flair pen clipped to it at all times. It keeps me grounded. It keeps me centered. It is my favorite. Vera Bradley lanyards are popular among teachers, but you can also get a more affordable lanyard for your favorite teacher, too.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and/or Tissues
: We go through tons of these, and our stash is often close to depleted by mid-year. Slam a bow onto a multi-pack of these babies and we will be so, so grateful. Same with tissues. Get us wipes and tissues, mom. 
Gift Cards:
We will accept gift cards. Amazon and Starbucks are my personal faves, but I also love Target and Dunkin Donuts. I even got an iTunes gift card once and that was pretty fun! I spend a lot on Amazon and at Target to keep my classroom rolling, so contributions though gift cards are so useful. 


A Plant: I love having plants around the classroom. Especially succulents and cacti, which don’t need too much care and don’t contain any allergens.

A Note From Your Kiddo
: This is my personal favorite. My students are my favorites and I only know them for a select few years before they head off on new adventures. I love having a note or letter to remind me of how special each and every one of my students are!


I hope all you students and parents out there find this helpful! Check back tomorrow for my December playlist!!

Now You Tell Me…

  • Do you get gifts at work?
  • Any other teacher gift ideas?

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