Boston Marathon Training Monday #11- I’M BACK!

Life, Running / Monday, January 1st, 2018

Hi Friends:)

So, taking the last week off from blogging was seriously SO NICE. I had a blast cooking and reading and catching up with some of my favorite people. I fully realize that this blog surely isn’t that big of a deal. It doesn’t REALLY matter if I take a week off; it’s not like my three-dozen readers will feel like they’re being abandoned. But readership was never really my goal here.  See, last new years, I realized I just…didn’t really write anymore. And I love writing. So I made a plan (I wouldn’t call it a resolution) to get myself out of my slump.

I broke down my no-longer-writing issue into it’s individual parts, and realized that it was a two-fold problem. Firstly, I wasn’t writing consistently. Secondly, I had become too private and shy to share my writing with anyone. I signed up for a fiction writing class, which got me drafting and creating consistently again. I’d hoped that the class would have some kind of workshop element to it, which would force me to share my work, but it didn’t. So when that ended, I decided that my next step would be to start a new blog.

Again, I am a private person. Becoming more active on social media and sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world on this website was definitely a challenge for me. But over the course of the last 6 months, I’ve found my footing, I think. I am more willing to be open, both on and off the blog. And even though it’s time consuming, I am seriously so thankful that I’ve gotten into a good writing groove.

So here’s to the next 6 months of blogging! I hope all of you people reading are kind of enjoying my weirdness:)

me visiting my dog friend…ahem, I mean my human friend’s dog

Now… On to this week’s training!

  • Monday: Barre Class
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run+ mini leg lift
  • Wednesday: Rest Day (I was feeling so, so run down)
  • Thursday: 4 mile Run
  • Friday: 30 minutes swimming
  • Saturday: 12 mile run (in 9 degree weather)
  • Sunday: Yoga Class
    • Total Weekly Milage: 19

This was a weird week for a lot of reasons. Firstly, I was on vacation, which should have meant I had more time, but actually meant I had less. I was totally jammed up with family and social events.

And then it got cold.

The general rule is that if it’s under 10 degrees, it is unsafe to run outdoors. I personally prefer to stick to the treadmill whenever it’s below 20. I had to break both of these rules to get my long run in this week, and I honestly feel like I am still thawing out from that. I got no selfies or distance screenshots during my long run because my phone and watch instantly died from the frigid temps. I did manage to snap one picture after my phone warmed up again, though…

Ever wonder what Kenmore Square looks like when it’s 9 degrees?

Really gross, that’s how it looks.

The arctic air mass shows no sign of stopping, and we’re due for more snow towards the end of the week, so the treadmills at the YMCA and I are destined to be best friends this training cycle.

I’ve got a fun teacher tuesday post coming up tomorrow about my dream high school book list, and a few book reviews to share throughout the next week or so, so be sure to stop by again soon!


Now You Tell Me…

  • Anyone else go to bed before 10 on NYE? It was 6 degrees out and I was not about to put on a short skirt and party it up. 
  • How do you stay entertained on the treadmill? 
  • Suggestions for posts?!? let me know what you want to see! 


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    1. thanks! and be careful! it’s worth it to pick up a month-to-month gym membership this time of year- conditions can be really dangerous!

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