Boston Marathon Training Monday #13: Backseat/Frontseat

Life, Running / Monday, January 15th, 2018

Hi Friends:)

As you probably noticed, I wasn’t able to churn out the promised book review at the end of last week. This past week has been a real exercise for me in prioritization, see.

I know everyone says they’re like, so busy. I know. But my schedule is truly very, very intense, and sometimes it makes me a little crazy. Aside from teaching Special Education full time and training for a marathon, I also provide private tutoring two afternoons a week, volunteer with my school’s running club twice a week, and with Big Brothers/Big Sisters a few times a month. I’m also fundraising for the Boston Marathon, which has become quite a daunting task. Plus, I do in fact have a real-life social life that is not on the internet and involves seeing other folks my age and eating food while wearing mascara.

But more on ALLLLLL THAT later. For now let’s review this week’s training!

  • Monday: 3 miles + leg lift
  • Tuesday: 35 minute swim
  • Wednesday: 3 Mile Hill Run
  • Thursday: 3 miles
  • Friday: 45 minute Spin Class & 90 minute Flow & Restore Yoga
  • Saturday: 4 hours schlepping old clothing around + 14 mile Long Run
  • Sunday: Brisk Walk w/ my dad + Outlet shopping with my friend:)
    • Total Weekly Milage: 23

Look at that milage! Do you guys remember my first Marathon Training Monday when my weekly milage was legit like, 7? That seriously was not that long ago. And remember back in September when I was still only walk/running post stress fracture? YEP.

Anyhow, back to this week’s conundrum.

See, there’s a lot going on in my life right now, and this week a family situation threw me for more of a loop than my delicately balanced schedule could handle. So I was forced to prioritize things. Metaphorically speaking, certain things were pushed into the front seat, and other things were pushed into the back seat.

Here’s what made it to the FRONT SEAT:

My Support System: My family and close friends are so, so wonderful, and have been a critical part of getting me through this week and so many other tough moments. Making time for these fabulous people is so important for me, so I’m prioritizing them over other activities/events.

Training: Guys, running makes me so, so , so happy. Running and being active relaxes my nerves and makes me feel proud of myself. And I need that feeling in my life right now.

Quality Rest: Witht he amount of illness that’s going around right now, I cannot afford to impair my immune system by not getting enough rest. And with the milage I’m putting on these little legs, I need to be making sure to rest and practice good self-care!

Fundraising: This is legit a full-time job. I’m working to raise $7500 for Brigham and Women’s Hospital before the Boston Marathon. THAT IS A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY. I’m 1/3 of the way there, and I’m working like hell to get the rest of the way. I’ve hosted a charity spin class and I’m planning a charity yoga class. I’ve been single-handedly running a clothing drive in partnership with a local thrift shop who will pay me about $2 per bag of old clothes I bring in. I’m also emailing literally everyone I know asking for donations for my charitable cause. It’s super hard, and super worth it. If you’d like to contribute, click here. If you know someone who’d like to contribute, forward my link along to them. And if you want to see how exhausting and amazing fundraising can be, take a peek at the picture of me below after I spent 4 hours single-handedly picking up 50+ bags of used clothing and home goods .


Here’s what’s going to be in the BACK SEAT for a little bit…

Blogging 3x Weekly: I keep wanting to blog three days a week then like…not doing it. So I’m just going to commit to twice a week. One of those posts will be my marathon training Monday post, which has basically become my digital acountabili-buddy. And the other one… will be whatever.  Maybe a teacher Tuesday, or a playlist, or a book review, or a “Wednesday Wonderful”( haven’t done that in a while…)

Social Events I Only Said Yes To Because I Felt Obligated: this one is self explanatory. If I don’t wanna go… I won’t go.

Keeping My Apartment Pinterest Perfect: I am normally a perfectionist when it comes to how my apartment looks and I simply don’t have the time to stress about it right ow.

Keeping Up With TV: Guys, I am so behind on Riverdale, and I normally at least watch the season premiere of the Bachelor so I understand what people are talking about in the break room. TV is just in the back seat, plain and simple. I’ll catch up some other time.

So that is that:)

Now You Tell Me…

  • How do you prioritize when things get tight?
  • Fundraising ideas…GO! 

2 Replies to “Boston Marathon Training Monday #13: Backseat/Frontseat”

  1. I hope everything is okay Kerri! When things get tough to me I try to prioritize my health so eating foods that are healthy and running even if I have to shorten workouts, time to escape/down time to keep my mental sanity and then family/friends who can help me through the tough times.

  2. You’re doing great with your training! I do hope everything is okay.
    I am all about saying no to social events if I don’t want to go. Making a list always helps me prioritize. And I always tackle tasks that will take me 5ish min or less – like wiping down counters in the kitchen, paying bills, folding laundry, prepping my lunch for the next day, etc. It really helps with the “overwhelmed” feeling.

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