Boston Marathon Training Monday #14 + Long Run Thoughts

Life / Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Hi Friends,

I hope you all didn’t mind my little blogging vacation last week. It’s seriously amazing what a few good night’s sleep, a few good family dinners, and a couple of super-productive days at work can do for a girl’s psyche. My state of mind going into this week is so much more positive. And my schedule has loosened up a bit, as well, which is such a welcome turn of events.

This week was a lower milage week. This training cycle, I am following a plan recommended by my charity team’s running coach, and it alternates high-milage long run weeks with lower-milage long run weeks. It also recommends 3-4 days of running. Back when I trained for my first marathon I attempted to follow the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 plan, which was so, so not a good match for me. Increasing my long run milage week after week with shorter weekend runs only every once in a while and only one day of cross training on top of 5 days running made it so literally every ligament from my hips to my toes was inflamed at any given time and I never felt like I had the time to let them heal.

This time around, I increase my long runs by 2 miles every other week, and in between I run 10.5 hilly miles as my long runs. Next week I do my first 16 mile long run since 2016, and I am feeling super prepared.

  • Monday: 3 miles @ medium pace
  • Tuesday: 3 miles @ medium pace + leg lift
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes spinning
  • Thursday: 3 miles @ easy pace
  • Friday: 30 minutes spinning
  • Saturday: 10.5 mile Long Run (with hills) + 4 hours schlepping old clothing around
  • Sunday: Yoga + long walk
    • Total Weekly Milage: 19.5

Every time I mention my long runs to my friends or co-workers, they respond with “I can’t understand how you can run that far!”

But long runs are only daunting if you’re not ready for them. 

I mean, it’s totally ridiculous that a human being can run 15, 18, 26, and even more miles at a whack. It really is. Especially considering that so, so many people out there have not yet tapped into their strength and run one full mile. But the human body is capable of amazing things, and if you want to work towards a completely unbelievable goal, you CAN. It just takes time, and commitment, and self-awareness.

I learned to run by running. I dabbled on the JV Track team in high school, but my high school wasn’t exactly known for it’s athletics and I was not exactly the most committed teammate. So when I decided to (slowly) work towards running a marathon a full five years after my last track meet, I was very much starting from scratch. So I put on my shorts, I put on my sneakers, and I ran down my block until I had to stop and walk. Then I did it again the next day, and got a little further. And I did it again, and again, and again, until I was ready for my first 5k, then 10k, then Half, then a Marathon. And I realized that all training really is is just pushing yourself to go a little further each day and week.

Well, that and making sure to get enough sleep, and stretching, and fueling correctly (I’m loving these huma gels below). That helps too. But mostly it’s just pushing yourself and remembering that you CAN do it…if you want to. 


Now You Tell Me…

  • Any big races in your future?
  • How did you start running? (if you run) 


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