Boston Marathon Monday #16: Holding Back The Setbacks

Life, Running / Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Hi Friends:)

So, this week was rough. as. hell.

Last Sunday I woke up after my long run and felt way, way worse than I’d anticipated. For a while I thought maybe I’d overdone it the day before, or something. I was kind of congested and incredibly fatigued; I was having trouble even identifying where and how I was uncomfortable.

On a whim, I took my temperature, and realized it was at 99.3 and rising. For the next 48 hours, I battled a fever and severe congestion, and I was truly down and out. My stomach also wasn’t feeling great, so I hauled myself into an urgent care center for a flu test.

We ruled out influenza and strep, and I managed to break the fever on Monday night. That said, just because it wasn’t THE FLU doesn’t mean it was easy-peasy. I barely made it through a short day at work on Tuesday, and had to cancel all of my tutoring side jobs so I could go back to bed right after work. I was living off gatorade, chicken soup, and Mucinex Sinus Fast Max. I was down and out.

So, for transparency’s sake, here’s how last week panned out:

  • Monday: Sick
  • Tuesday: Recovering
  • Wednesday: Recovering
  • Thursday: 4 easy miles
  • Friday: 45 minute spin class
  • Saturday: 4 easy miles
  • Sunday: Rest
    • Total Weekly Milage: 8

There have been training cycles in my past where I’d try to push through and run when I was sick. I have learned over time, though, that pushing through illness just prolongs it for me. So I felt no pressure to train this week; in fact, my coach told the team that the plan we’re following is elongated and padded with lower milage weeks because of situations like this. Because we don’t build up our long runs every single week, and because we’ve started early, the stress of losing a couple of training runs isn’t very intense at all.

I turned the corner on Wednesday night, and by Thursday a glimmer of my old self was coming back to me. I managed to eek out 4 slow and steady miles outside on Thursday evening, but it took a lot out of me. I could have kept pushing and run the forecasted 10 miles on Saturday morning, but I made a choice not to.

I’m planning to jump back into a normal training schedule starting tomorrow, but I’d be lying if I said I felt 100% ready. I’m really going to have to take it slow and listen to my body this week. Next weekend is my much-feared 18 mile run, so I want to be in my best possible shape going into it!

Sorry for the lack of pictures and like, useful training insight this week. But one of my goals for this blog is to be super honest about how training actually goes, and THIS IS REAL LIFE. It’s not perfect. It’s not convenient. But it keeps going, and so much I!

Now You Tell Me…

  • Anyone out there catch anything nasty this season?
  • Tips for coming back after an off week of training? 
  • One thing you’re looking forward to this week?



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