Boston Marathon Training Monday #19: Facelift + Staycation

Life, Running / Monday, February 26th, 2018

Hi Friends:)

Firstly, I apologize to anyone who tried to visit the site yesterday morning, while I was blundering my way through a website update. After 6+ months with a pretty but deeply complicated theme/logo, I decided it was time to simplify things. It’s still not 100% where I want it to be, but I’m liking the cleaner aesthetic and brighter look, and I hope you do too.

I had this past week off for February vacation, and I chose to stick close to home during my time off since I’ve got some super awesome trips planned for later in the year:) Also, I learned the hard way that marathon training while traveling is a total drag a few years ago.

Luckily, Boston got some truly beautiful weather this week, so I didn’t miss out on any sunshine. And with the extra time and rest, I was able to go full-out with my training!

Here’s how the week went down:

  • Monday: 3.5 mile easy run @10 min/mile average pace
  • Tuesday: 7 mile run @ 9:40 average pace
  • Wednesday: 4.22 mile hill repeats @10 min/mile average pace (1 mile warm-up, 3.22 miles hill repeats)
  • Thursday: 1 Hour Barre class + 15 minutes lateral elliptical+ 15 minutes swimming (I will explain this bizarre workout day)
  • Friday: 1 hour Yoga class+ 30 minute walk
  • Saturday: 18 miles
  • Sunday: 30 minutes yoga + at-home arm/ab circuit
    • Total Weekly Mileage: 32.72 miles

Like I said Ihad this week off, so I wanted to cram it full with as many of my favorite people, places, and things as I could considering I wasn’t traveling anywhere exotic. So on Monday I drove out to one of my favorite parks on the edge of Boston to jog some trails and enjoy some really cool views.


On Tuesday it was sunny and 70 degrees. This was unseasonable and possibly a sign that our environment is seriously messed up… but it was also a great opportunity for me to train in the kind of heat I’ll probably be running in come race day. I took a mid-distance jog around Jamaica Pond in Boston, which seriously is one of my favorite places. I also looped around the surrounding neighborhoods and while my body totally wasn’t ready for the heat, I managed to push through. (This is a theme for my whole week…)


On Wednesday it was close to 75 degrees! In Boston! In February! THIS IS MADNESS! I picked up my best kid friend/cousin and we headed to my favorite beach north of Boston. We spent most of the afternoon doing cartwheels and digging an extensive network of sand tunnels before I had to drop her off and head downtown for my hill run.


On Thursday my friend and I met up to try out a day pass to an amazing, upscale gym nearby called Lifetime Fitness. I’m playing with the idea of joining a nicer gym next fall since I keep telling myself this will be my last marathon (It probably won’t be, I know…) And this place offers literally EVERYTHING. Spinning classes, running interval sessions, barre, yoga, weight training, multiple pools, sona, eucalyptus steam room, and so many jacuzzis. Everyone was super helpful and the facilities were literally perfect. My friend and I took a barre class, tried out a lateral elliptical machine that worked my hips out super well, and then did some laps in the beautiful pool. I loved this place. I want to join. I need like, a third job and a raise in order to do so, but, like, people can dream.

My charity running team coach suggested that we take it easy before our 18-miler on Saturday morning, so I finished off my Thursday baking black bean protein brownies (with shredded coconut on top!)

and just like… laying around under a giant blanket.


On Friday I took a great yoga class, chilled in a cafe working on some fundraising projects, and then took a walk with my dad:) I was nice and rested for my 18 miler on Saturday… but all the rest in the world doesn’t prevent bad runs from happening to good people. I’ve felt super strong on my runs lately, so I knew a rough one was on its way. And with temperatures soaring close to 60 in the sun and some lingering aches from my training this week, those 18 miles felt terrible. BUT my teammates and supporters were amazing, and we even got to meet and take a picture with former Patriot’s star player Teddy Bruschi, who was out supporting his own charity team!

Sunday was a pretty typical “recovery” day…cooking, yoga, working on this blog, and hanging out with my family. I make it a point to take in a LOT of protein these days to help my musckes recover. I’ve also been LOVING doing an epsom salt bath on Saturday night/Sunday mornings after my long runs and a face mask to get all the sunblock/sweat/grime out of my pores before I dive into another week of training.

Now You Tell Me…

  • Sunday routines? 
  • Have you ever “staycationed?” What did you do, if so?
  • Let me know what you think of the new theme/logo! It is a work in progress!

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  1. I love the new look! The weather was absolutely amazing this past week and I’m not complaining at all for 70s in February. Although I have a feeling there will be another snow storm in our future before winter officially ends.

  2. Hello! Saw your comment on hungry runner girl and was wondering if you could share the warm running tights that you said changed your life?? I’m a cold weather runner and super curious! Thanks!

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