March Runfessions

Life, Running / Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Hi Friends:)

So, I’ve never partaken in the whole “runfessions” thing before, but I feel like I need to this month.

March is always one of the more dreaded months on the teacher’s calendar, because we often have no breaks or long weekends to look forward to. March is squeezed in between Winter Break in February and April Vacation, so it also can feel like students and teachers alike are just phoning it in, waiting for the next break to come. Plus, I live in Boston, where the weather is always so, so disheartening at this time of year. We always anticipate a warm up, but we got hit with 3 major snow storms and most days this month were in the 30’s. Even now, in the final week of the month it’s looking like it’ll never break 55 degrees.

All this adds up to some rough running.

Runfession #1: I Let My Watch Get To My Head. AGAIN. When I first started running, I used map my run and never even noticed the pacing. I didn’t have a running watch, and I ran my first 5 halves just for fun. Then in 2015/2016 I noticed my times improving and I got an Apple Watch for Christmas, and things went off the chains. Last spring I pushed myself too fast too soon, and my new quickness on top of some serious nutritional issues caused the worst injury I’ve had to date. In the last few weeks, I’ve been SO obsessed with my pace and beating myself up over getting much slower kind of randomly. I’ve been checking my watch over and over again during runs, and only this past weekend did I realize that it has un-calibrated itself and wasn’t even accurate. I was letting false information make me doubt myself. And that is not okay!

Runfession #2: I Have Been Neglecting My Strength Training. I was doing so well there for a while. Then I let a little pain in the hip scare me off. Not only have I been skipping out on my leg lifts, though, I’ve also been totally not doing any core strength almost at all. I am vowing to start this back up on the daily and I’m planning to slip in 2 more weight training sessions before the marathon. Then on my next training cycle I WILL NOT LET UP.

Runfession #3: I Am In Full On Micro-Management Mode for Marathon Weekend/Week: So, the Boston Marathon is a dream event for all Bostonians. I’m running it with a team that I have a SUPER sentimental attachment to. I’ve been fundraising and training for literally the whole year. ALSO this is my first race longer than a 5k since last May. There are a lot of festivities surrounding the Boston Marathon, as well, and I just want to make sure that I take it all in. I also want to know who is going to be with me, what I am going to be eating, and how I’m going to be getting there. Also, what I’ll be wearing, the weather, and possibly what everyone else will be wearing as well. Is that too much?!

Runfession #4: I Am Kinda Nervous About Training Alone For My Next Race: I registered for my next race(s) this week. And I am so going to miss the support of being on a team. My teammates have made the miles pass so fast this training cycle, and they’ve helped me stay positive through all kinds of challenging moments. When I trained for my first marathon all by myself, I really struggled to feel motivated and happy. I’m looking into joining a running club in my area, but my race schedule is a bit out of the ordinary so I’m not sure how that will go.

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of my runfessions!

See you on Monday with yet another Boston Marathon Training Monday post!! This weekend I am tackling a new section of the course, so hopefully I’ll have some new details for you:)

Now You Tell Me…

  • Any runfessions or fitness confessions for you this month? 
  • Running alone vs. Running with a team… thoughts? 


2 Replies to “March Runfessions”

  1. I’m currently 2.5 weeks away from my half marathon…and the gels I’ve been training with are discontinued. So now I have to try some new gels while trying to ration the ones I currently have. Not the best thing to be dealing with right now.

    1. LOL my gels randomly stopped agreeing with my GI system 3 weeks ago and I had to go back to a brand I hadn’t used in years. Here’s hoping our stomachs hold out on us!!!

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