My Pre-Race Week Routine!

Running / Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
See, I KNEW WHERE MY PEOPLE WERE for this half last summer and it was AWESOME!!


Hi Friends!

So, I have run quite a few races. Like, I think this coming Monday’s Boston Marathon will be my 21st race in 5.5 years.

Ten of those races have been half marathons, and one a full marathon, so I have my pre-distance run routine down at this point.

When I first started running, I didn’t really understand what my body needed to be its best self on race day. Through sometimes embarrassing trial and error, I have figured it out. Here’s how my week before a race goes down these days!

7 days out:  

  • Begin stalking the weather report, and choose race day outfit options based on that report. This week, I realized that it is going to freaking pour for Boston. So I ordered a new waterproof jacket and waterproofing spray from Amazon.
  • Do laundry and make sure to wash all components of my race-day attire.
  • Buy any food I will need for race week. For example: I don’t eat a ton of bread during my normal week, but during race weeks I go through quite a bit of it. Also, I check my stalk of gels to make sure I have what I need!
  • Check in with friends and family members about how I’m getting to the starting line, and who will be at the finish.
  • Consider my pace and do some math to figure out where I’m going to be on the course and when. That way, if I have a friend who wants to watch, I can give them a 45minute-1hr window when I’ll be passing by their spot.
  • Start going to bed earlier. I try to get 8+ hours of sleep every night for a week leading up to a race.
  • Stop strength training my lower body. I kinda stopped this like 2 weeks ago due to my hectic schedule, but officially I should have just cut it out for one week.
  • HYDRATE! I try to stay extra hydrated the week prior to a race
  • Stretch, roll, ice, and run easy paces only. I try to go into race day with totally chill muscles and no lingering aches and pains.

3 days out: 

  • Start getting nit-picky about what I am eating. I try to keep away from super high-fiber foods like raw carrots and beans. I also steer clear of foods that specifically don’t work well for MY tummy, like onions and apples. I stick to super basic stuff: rice and chicken and toast and bananas.
  • Start REALLY hydrating. Like, for serious, so much water is consumed.
  • Stop running. From here on out it’s just yoga, and walking. No spinning or running.
  • Check the forecast for real and solidify my outfit. I then take pictures of that outfit to send to my friends and family who will be watching.
  • Confirm all my transportation plans. If anyone is tentative at all, find another option. When you’re about to run 13-26 miles, you need to know how you’re gonna do it.
  • Keep stretching and rolling!
  • Cut my toenails. TMI? I think not.
  • Start wearing sneakers only. No use risking a twisted ankle or a blister for fashion!
  • Plan out my race day food and double check that I have everything I need.
I love sleep.

1 day out: 

  • Make sure to get a good night of sleep! Studies say that 2 nights before a race is the sleep that really impacts your performance.
  • Try not to do too much. I maybe walk (in comfortable shoes) for like, 30 minutes. I sometimes take a yoga class. I watch some TV and try to keep my nerves in check.
  • Pick up your bib number!! I am picking up my bib for Boston on Friday afternoon because I am very nervous and want to get it before things get nuts. Waiting til morning of can be so, so hectic. So if you can help it, grab your bib beforehand.
  • Eat normal portions of carb-rich food. Like, I don’t typically eat PB&J on white bread and pasta and toast. But I have those the day before a race. I don’t stuff myself, but I do prioritize carbs.
  • HYDRATE! I try to take in double my normal amount of water on this day.
  • Go to bed early. I (admittedly) pop half a benadryl and a melatonin around 8pm the night before a race. It’s not, like, the cleanest most natural habit but it gets me to sleep so I can wake up bright and early the next morning to get to the starting line!

Let me know if you have any pre-race customs that you hold on to; I’d LOVE to hear them.

I’ll be back with a bit of a preview of race weekend at the end of this week:) And I’ll have a Boston Marathon race recap up and running next Tuesday!

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  1. I have my half marathon on Sunday so I’ve been focusing on what I’m eating and getting lots of water this week too. I’m stalking to weather because the chance of rain keeps going up and down. So frustrating!

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