Boston Marathon 2018!! 10 Things I Did During Pre-race Weekend

Life, Running / Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Hi Friends,


*insert happy dance here*

There were moments in this fundraising journey when I legit thought I might never meet my goal. I thought I might end up with a massive charge on my credit card come May 1st and a bitter feeling about the whole darn thing. See, I come from a pretty working-class background, and I’m an introvert; asking people for donations feels weird and awkward to me.

But, I did it. I did it over and over again. I overcame my fear of reaching out to people who I haven’t seen in a while and I asked friends and family members to share my story as much as they could. And finally, today, ONE day before my marathon, I met my goal:)

So, besides fundraising, what else have I been up to this race weekend?

  1. I Went to Expo and Got My Bib Number! I did this right after work on Friday, and it was so fabulous. I went with a few teammates. There were lots of great vendors and it wasn’t too crowded!
  2. I Went To See “Boston.” This documentary tells the history of the Boston Marathon all the way up to 2014. It goes through what it was like to come back from the bombings of 2013, and it hi-lights so many everyday heroes. I was so inspired by this movie!
  3. I Took A Yoga Class. I did this on Saturday morning and it helped calm me down and loosen me up!
  4. I Babbled to My Friend: Uh, shoutout to my gurl Mayuri who met me at Panera and listened to my anxiety-provoked babble for like 3 hours while we wandered Target on Saturday afternoon.
  5. I Went Shopping for Rain Gear. So, in case you missed it, there’s a nor-easter hitting Boston tomorrow, and we’re all gonna be running in it. It’s forecasted to be 40 degrees and pouring rain the whole time, so staying dry and warm is going to be tricky. I had to buy (and break in) a second pair of Brook’s Ghost’s this week so I can have a dry switch-out of shoes at the mid way point. I first ordered a cheap water-resistant windbreaker off Amazon, then realized that hypothermia is actually a real risk for me and picked up an amazing waterproof rain jacket at LLBean that I think will do the trick nicely. I’ll be wearing a disposable poncho, throwaway sweats and old sneakers until we start; I’ve got it allllll worked out. 
  6. I Watched TV And Ate Salty Snacks: I almost never just watch TV. I watch TV and foam roll or write blog posts or cook. but for the two days leading up to the Marathon, I just kinda lay around. And since I often have trouble getting enough sodium, I have been munching on my fave gluten-free pretzels and guzzling seriously so much water.
  7. I Game Planned: This was a big one. With the rain coming, I had to arrange my support system along the marathon route with dry clothes, shoes and layers in case I need them. So I had to figure out which shoes and layers would work best at which time, figure out stopping points for my family members, and contact friends who might be along the way. My first marathon was cloudy and 50 degrees; this is a whole different situation. I had to pick up a mobile phone charger because my phone is on the fritz and wont hold a charge. I had to buy more aquaphor so I can chafe-guard my entire body. It was INVOLVED.
  8. I Food Prepped: Because I am gluten-free, athletes village doesn’t have a whole lot to offer me. So I made my own sandwiches and snacks and will be bringing them with me. You only get a single gallon-sized “start bag” that you’re allowed to bring on the busses to Boston, so I had to plan strategically.
  9. I Crafted: I helped my parents make signs and a cow-bell for race day. My reasoning for helping them was two-sided here; firstly, crafting relaxes me, and secondly, I want to know where they are in the crowds if I need them.
  10. I Slept: A whole lot. 8-9 hours each night. When people ask me for race-day tips, this is the one think I tell them. Prioritize sleep leading up to race day!

Send me good vibes and warm thoughts tomorrow!!!


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