HALF Marathon Training Monday + My Race Calendar:)

Life, Running / Monday, April 30th, 2018

Hi Friends,


So I took a bit of a social media-detox this past week and thus have no pictures from my workouts to offer you. I needed it, though; I’d been fundraising since october, and that project required constant social media upkeep. It was such a joy to just move my body without having to worry too much about an upcoming race or my social media persona.

So instead I’ll just recycle this photo of my fave place to run, which I hit up over the weekend for a few recovery miles.

Okay, so, here’s how last week panned out fitness-wise.

  • Monday: 3 miles walk/running
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes swimming
  • Wednesday: 40 minute spin class
  • Thursday: 55 minutes on the elliptical (I was watching the new season of “Handmaid’s Tale” which scared me into staying on the elliptical for a crazy long time)
  • Friday: Barre class
  • Saturday:  barre class +2 recovery-pace miles
  • Sunday: Rest!
    • Total Weekly Mileage: 5 miles

So, my left knee has been a bit wonky since the Marathon. I don’t think it’s anything big, but my anxiety around little aches and pains has been super intense since I PR’s at 2 halves and a 5k on a stress fracture last year. Last spring, the pain in my lower leg didn’t FEEL like a big deal. I WebMD’d my symptoms 1000 times, and ignored the “stress fracture” possibility every time it popped up. In my mind, I wasn’t fast enough, I wasn’t malnourished enough, I wasn’t in enough pain, I wasn’t logging enough miles to cause a stress fracture. In reality, though, I was all of those things and I was very much injured.

So I took it pretty easy on my knee last week, and it’s already feeling so, so much better.

Which is good because I agreed to run a half-marathon in Providence, RI this coming weekend with my school’s chapter of the Dreamfar High School Marathon Team. Some of our students aren’t quite ready for a full marathon due to time restraints or injuries, so they’ll be running a half instead. I’ve trained with these kids as a volunteer all year, so it only felt right that I’ll be there on race day. I’m planning on sticking close to my students and going at whatever pace they’re feeling up to during the race; so I don’t have ANY time goals whatsoever. Because this race isn’t for me; it’s for the kids!

After this weekend’s half, I’ve got quite a few races on my calendar and a few PR’s I’m trying to revamp. I’ve got a 5k in early June, and possibly a 10 Miler as well. 

Then some of my running friends and I are heading up to Maine in late June for the Shipyard Maine Coast Half Marathon! My current PR for the half marathon is a 1:58:07, and I’d love to cut that down a little bit. I’ll be doing a few tempo runs and possibly even a track workout leading up to that race, but I’m also trying to stay realistic about the amount of time I’ve got to prepare for it… Which is not much all things considered. Staying injury free is my top priority, so if my body’s not feeling speedy a few weeks from now I plan to just chill out and enjoy a long run with my friends.

That race will also be the kickoff for my next round of marathon training! Wahoo! I’m super excited to be registered for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon this coming October! It’s a flat and fast course (something I’ve NEVER encountered) so I’m shooting for a PR:) I chose this race because I have family in that area; my brother lives in Toronto and he’s run the half marathon event there. I’ve never run a race outside of the country before, so It’ll be a first for me in that department. One of my training runs for Toronto will be the New Hampshire Half Marathon, as well.

So…there’ll be a LOT of recaps coming your way in the next few months!!

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  1. I love that you’re choosing to run this weekend’s half with the kids instead of for yourself! There’s definitely going to be a benefit in it for you since you aren’t putting pressure on yourself to hit a certain goal.

    Not sure if this applies to races in Canada but I know some races in Europe require medical certificates that basically are just a doctor saying you are fit to run a half or full marathon. I read it on another blog so I thought I would pass it along just in case 🙂

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