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Hi Friends:)

It is currently 90 degrees in Boston. Coincidentally, I was wearing a winter jacket ten days ago. How is this a thing? How?

But it’s also a new month, and it’s time for me to set some goals! I did pretty well with last month’s goals; The only one I didn’t meet was my reading goal. BUT I am working on it!

May is a weird month as a teacher and as a runner. As a teacher, you’re hit with all kinds of end-of-year challenges even though there’s still several (long) weeks left to go. Students start getting squirrely, and the days start to feel really long. As a runner, you’re hit with allergies (THIS POLLEN) and higher temperatures, which always leave me feeling totally rough. Plus, social obligations pick up a heck of a lot once the weather gets warm, so I’m extra busy…and extra tired. This combination of factors leaves me struggling to keep my head above water every May.

So this month, my goals are going to be more focused on relaxing and keeping myself in a positive mindset, rather than pushing myself to the furthest extreme.

  1. Eat a Real Dinner Every Night… But Be Okay with Takeout. This is a big one. I’ve been being really mean to myself about not cooking every single night lately. But the reality is… I work several jobs. I have many obligations. And MOST people my age don’t feel the need to cook home-made dinners every day. That said, I can’t let myself totally off the hook and eat a granola bar and some carrots and hummus every night, either… which I’ve totally been doing for like, 3 weeks now. So my focus is going to be on meal prepping a bit more for dinner (I have lunch down, as I talked about here), investing in some frozen meals from Whole-foods, and letting myself grab takeout once or twice a week. Similarly…
  2. Don’t Jump Back Into Running Full-Force. I am SO excited for my half in June and my third Marathon this fall. That said, I am still technically in the “recovery” phase and I’m really enjoying doing other things besides running lately. I’m going to focus on enjoying some non-running workouts and like…chilling out. Just a little. THEN THE SPEED WORK BEGINSSSSSS.
  3. Switch Up My Cosmetics. I don’t know about you all, but I use the same makeup for like 85 million years before I realize I need to replace it. I’m hoping to go full-on purge-mode on my cosmetics stash at some time this month and I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m also really interested in reducing the toxicity levels of my makeup choices. So I’m on the market for some clean, natural CC Cream, eyeliner, tinted chapstick and mascara. Also, maybe some eyeshadow since I occasionally use that.

    I recognize that I am probably coating my lashes in carsionogens by using this daily… time to toss it!!
  4. Get My Bloodwork Checked: It’s so weird to put this on here, but it’s been on my to-do list forever and I like to be real about my post-thyroidectomy life. I’ve been pretty fatigued recently, and it’s been over six months since my last hormone check-in. When I first had surgery 10 years ago, I had my blood panels pulled monthly; now we’re down to every 6 months or so. SO I think it’s time for a check-in with my endocrinologist. Maintaining wellness can be a lot of work for me, so it requires a sort of goal-oriented approach to keep it moving forward.

  5. Spend More Time With Friends: Sadly, my social life often got pushed to the back seat throughout my Boston Marathon training cycle. This May, I want to hang out with my squad:) and NOT feel like I’m too busy to be doing so. 


I hope you all are having an amazing week!! I’ve got a few Friday Faves coming your way tomorrow, too, so make sure to stop by and check it out!!

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  1. Makeup is something I definitely need to challenge myself to try new things. Once I find something that I like I don’t want to change from that product!

    1. AGREED! And I’m so thrifty that I often go for the cheapest option without considering the actual ingredients or implications!

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