Half Marathon Training Monday #2 + Don’t Try This At Home/I AM SO PROUD

Life, Running / Monday, May 7th, 2018
a scene from my cloudy waterfront run at the Providence Half Marathon!

Hi friends:)

This week had a LOT of highs and lows. And I mean a lot.

Work has been pretty intense lately for me, and I have an insane amount of deadlines to manage and adhere to, and I feel like I’m doing a terrible job of keeping track of all the moving pieces of my life.

My health has also been a bit off. It’s probably just allergy related (THIS. POLLEN. UGH.), but because I’m me I’m never 100% sure. And the idea of spending all spring going from hospital visit to hospital visit like I did last year and so many other years is just so, so disheartening.

And to top all that off, my knee was still bothering me at the beginning of this week. This was especially frustrating because I want to start for real training for the Portland Old Port Half Marathon that I’m running at the end of June. After a twingy run on Monday afternoon, I decided to do a 2-day round of consistent icing, resting, and NSAID-taking. If that didn’t work, I told myself that it was time to go see my ever-disappointed-in-me orthopedist. (PS does anyone else ever feel like their orthopedist is always annoyed at their poor training choices?!?)  

But, you know what? IT WORKED.

I managed 2 pain-free, recovery-paced miles on Thursday. And on Saturday I made a dent in some projects that have been cluttering up my life and did some paperwork that has been hovering over my head. And suddenly so much of my world shifted into just a little bit more focus. Isn’t it funny, how obstacles lean up on each other? It’s like if you remove one, they all fall away.

So, on Sunday, I headed down to Providence, RI, for the Providence Marathon and Half Marathon! More on this in a sec…

So, here’s how the week panned out overall…

  • Monday: 2 miles running
  • Tuesday: Barre class
  • Wednesday: Barre class
  • Thursday: Barre class+ 2 miles running
  • Friday: Barre class
  • Saturday:  Rest
  • Sunday: Half Marathon! 13.1:)
    • Total Weekly Mileage: 17.1

LOTS of low-impact barre class to keep me strengthening while still giving my joints a break:)

Okay, so, any sane person will tell you that it’s not an excellent idea for an injury-prone runner to run a half marathon a mere three weeks after running a full marathon. So, like, I am putting a disclaimer on this preview and the forthcoming race recap that says “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!”

I’ve spent all year running with the Dreamfar High School Marathon club at my school. I loved seeing these kids being brave and logging after school miles in the snow and the cold, with hours of homework to do once they finished…then also seeing them being so stinking brave early every Saturday, running double-digit long runs before most of their peers had even gotten out of bed.

Being a special education teacher can be kind of isolating, because you really only work with a small group of students. But running with Dreamfar helped me get to know more staff and students. , and dive in to my school a little bit more. 

So when I realized that their race was going to be SO close to my own… I was disappointed. I knew I could still go and watch their race and that I’d thoroughly enjoy cheering them on. But…I wanted to run with them.

Just before Boston, I decided to register for the half marathon. A few of my student runners had struggled with injuries mid-season and were planning to run the half, and I thought I’d keep them company. I asked my charity team’s coach for advice, and he said I’d be fine as long as I didn’t injure myself during Boston, didn’t push my training right after Boston, or go too hard during Providence.

So that’s what I did.

And it was amazing. I ran every step alongside one of my students. We stuck to a relaxed, comfy, 10:30 pace and talked about every subject under the sun. Then after we finished, I grabbed my cowbell and a stack of signs that I’d made and headed out to about a block before the finish line to cheer for the kiddos coming in from the full marathon.

I was so, so proud of all of them.

I love running hard and leaving it all on the course… but I also LOVE running for a good cause, no matter what the speed of distance.

So, like…Sunday was amazing.

Have a good one and check back in mid-week for my RACE RECAP!!

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  1. I’m so happy to hear you’re running pain free!! You’re the sweetest for wanting to run with the students you’ve been training with all season and then finishing your run and continuing to cheer for the students. So awesome Kerri!

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