Half Marathon Training Monday #3+ Random Life Updates

Life, Reading, Running / Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Hi Friends:)

I’m going to dive right into my weekly workout recap then tell you about my life this week.


  • Monday: Barre class
  • Tuesday: Barre class
  • Wednesday: 45 Minutes Swimming
  • Thursday: Barre class+ 40 Minutes Swimming
  • Friday: Barre class
  • Saturday:  1 Hr. Spin Class
  • Sunday: Barre Class
    • Total Weekly Mileage: 0 🙂

I wasn’t able to update much this week thanks to #I.E.P.ARMAGEDDON, but here are a few quick life updates from this week.

  1. I went and got a quick check out from my (often disappointed in me) orthopedist, where I was ruled UN-INJURED! He said that there was nothing physically wrong with my knee or leg, but a few weeks of physical therapy should clear up any inflammation or imbalances that might be making me feel a little off. He said it was probably a good idea to take the week off from running, but that in general I seemed okay to get training!This was pretty exciting for me, because every other time I have entered my orthopedist’s office, the results have been catastrophic. I first started going after I tripped over a curb at a grocery store two years ago and severely sprained my left ankle. Then 8 months later, I landed back in the office with a stress fracture in my left tibia. I was nervous even reaching out to get my left knee checked out, because I feel like the injuries are just crawling up my left leg. But it turned out alright, and I had fun cross-training this week. Also, the view from my orthopedist’s office is BOMB.


  2. TEACHER APPRECIATION week was this week! My district does almost nothing to celebrate this, which can be disheartening. Parents aren’t aware of it or they don’t acknowledge it. BUT there were lots of cool deals for teachers at places like Chipotle and Panera, and the senior class got apples for the whole faculty! This was a real treat for me, since a lot of the time the things people do to say thank you today involve gluten, which I can’t have. And of course I ALWAYS appreciate the sentiment… but this time around it was nice to be able to enjoy the snack, too.
  3. So, I volunteer as a Big Sister with Big Brother’s/Big Sisters of Massachusetts. It has been weeks since my very busy little sister and I have been able to pull off an outing, so I was super jazzed to do some trampolining with her at Skyzone on Saturday. Then I took a nap after I dropped her off because that place is EXHAUSTING.
  4. I FINALLY finished the Night Circus by Erin Morganstern! It took me legit 2.5 months to finish. I typically read a book a month but this one was pretty involved. It followed a non-linear timeline and had a multitude of complex characters for me to keep track of. I liked it a lot in the end, but it took a while for me to get into. I spent the first 5 weeks stuck on the same chapter and almost gave up on it entirely. But when I was on a flight home from Toronto last month, someone sitting next to me told me it was about to get good, and I should keep going! So I did. And it was worth it.
  5. Had way too many conversations about my #singlelyfe this week, so I’ve decided to just show people this meme when they ask how dating is going.

Aaaaand that’s what you’ve missed! I’ll be posting a book review and a review of Barry’s Bootcamp this week, so keep your eyes peeled for those:)

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